2017-18 Women's Hockey

Understanding that there’s never been a ton of interest in the women’s divisions, at least in terms of post volume, I figured I’d start a general thread for discussion of the women’s divisions through the summer and into next season. I’m pretty plugged into that world and love talking about it, so if anyone out there wants to post anything in here, know that at least one person will read it and probably answer if appropriate.

Just to add something of substance to the first post, GCU is adding a women’s D1 team to go with their men’s team for next year: GCU ICE HOCKEY TO ADD WOMEN’S TEAM FOR 2017-18

They’ve started announcing their first class of players on their Twitter this week as well: @GCUWomensHockey

No one cares

Well, the classic retort here would be that you cared enough to drop that thoughtful reply in versus, you know, ignoring it like a normal person who doesn’t care about stuff. Not sure why a D3 club hockey hero is coming after this anyway. Newsflash: relatively few people care about any of this compared to most things in sports.

Besides, I acknowledged that the women’s divisions are relatively low interest by creating a consolidated thread as opposed a new one with every women’s thing that comes up, which I thought was appropriate. Apologies for any finger strain you may endure scrolling past it every once in a while when someone posts.

I think it’s awesome, had the opportunity to watch the championship game on Sunday in Columbus. To see women’s hockey continue to grow is great. I think having all the men’s and women’s divisions playing in the same location will only help the ACHA grow. Coaching a men’s team at nationals and being able to watch the other divisions play made for a great week. I have more appreciation for the women’s teams now. Keep up the great job. Hope to see more next year at nationals.

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No one cares[/quote]

Nobody was talking about your upbringing


Look, if you’re going to post to this forum simply to raise the ire of its other members, then I’m going to permanently ban you from this board. @kkr112 obviously cares as do the other posters to this thread, so feel free to argue, disagree, post counter-points and state conflicting opinions in a manner that doesn’t disrespect the poster if you intend to maintain the privilege of being able to post to this forum.

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I’m glad to see a thread started finally to cover at least as much as possible in ACHA women’s hockey. I don’t live where there is ANY form of women’s hockey so having information somewhere to read about the teams, players, etc is always a great thing!

ASU will have a pretty good women’s team next year