2021-2022 hockey season

Anything new/interesting in the college hockey world?

Everyone expect to have a “normal” season?

Any programs go under because of the pandemic?

This board may have been lost to covid. I suspect most private schools will be back.

We’ll lose some public school teams. Few schools will close in the next couple years.

CHF seems dead? No post updates in awhile on Twitter, web site down


Cali…CHF is forging ahead. 120 teams-FLA to Massachusetts. Been revising the by-laws and redoing the website…lots of hardwork going on behind the scenes to make the better option even better.

Good to know

Do teams need aau and USAHockey insurance to play ACHA teams?

CHF teams have AAU which will allow their teams to play anyone. The AAU coverage is comprehensive for the CHF team, their opponents( CHF or acha) and the officials. Been told acha/USAHockey do not do the same and are encouraging no crossover play, but thats backdoor talk no official announcement from acha/USA Hockey.

Yes, I know, it’s been challenged before and USAHockey won.

Hope CHF does well

When will the list be displayed for all?

What’s the biggest reason for growth of chf?

Cali…which list are we looking for? Right now the CHF has 7 conferences (from Fla to Mass.) and approx 120 teams…thats a fluid number as some teams return to any hockey is still undetermined as well as a number of conferences still debating a move over.

Myhockeyrankings has a list of teams. Not sure how accurate the count is (could be more/less), but the ACHA site is inaccurate with their team listings as well.

We are thinking about joining the CHF… can anyone answer the following questions:

  1. Does AAU insurance cover players when they play in local men’s league at their arenas? We were told by our arena manager that if we wanted to play men’s league at their facility we must have USA Hockey insurance.
    2: What are the annual fees for a team? The ACHA D3 fees are $1,400.00 per season per team, but we can not find the CHF annual dues.
    3: We were told by the ACHA that you can dual enroll in both the CHF and the ACHA and that being a member of the CHF would not affect our eligibility in the ACHA as long as we met the ACHA’s eligibility requirements. Does the CHF allow teams to register in the ACHA as well and compete in both leagues?
    4: How do you chose the Division a team play in for the CHF? In the ACHA I believe you self-declare and it is approved by the BOD. I ask because apparently there is Division 2 in the CHF, but most of the teams that I know of that are in the CHF are former ACHA D3 members, so how did they become Division 2 in the CHF?
    5: Does AAU work in Canada? When registered with USA Hockey, players are provided with insurance through a reciprocal program with Hockey Canada. Does the AAU have the same if we wanted to host Canadian teams or travel to Canada?

I*ll do my best, but might need to call on a friend for the AAU questions.

  1. AAU insurance covers the player as a team member in AAU covered events. If the team was a registered AAU team the players , I believe (dialing a friend now) the players would be covered regardless of who or what their opponents coverage is. I reserve the right to plead guilty and
    correct myself.
    2**Tournament bound teams are $850.00/season plus AAU insurance. Cost here is dependent on roster size. Capped at $700.00/30 man roster. Non-Tournament bound teams are$350.00/season plus insurance (same criteria).
    3.CHF by-laws allow for duality. LIberty forced acha to bend for this last season .Its not our preference , we would “prefer” a singular organizational committment.
    4.This is a quick recap. Most of the CURRENT CHF teams are either D2 or D3 programs, with it being larger D3 numbers. The CHF for this season and last combined D2 and D3 for competition and ranking purposes. There will come a day when their are more equitable D2 and D3 numbers and they will break apart. Teams may declare what level they want to compete or be designated as. For some schools Its more appealing for recruitment and going forward competition levels.
    5.I believe AAU insurance coverage is in effect at any AAU licensed event, which would be any scheduled game or practice for an AAU insured program. I think ion the US or Canada…But I’ll need a friends advice or consultation on that…will advise…

CHF has a great plan, let the Michigan teams run the acha and let the ACHA have their d1. Anyone know why the championship is named after Murdoch?


I’m not sure how ACHA/USAHockey argument holds up? It’s k&k insurance!!!

When will the ACHA disavow their former coaches?

  1. I would imagine so, but someone from AAU/CHF should verify

  2. The dues vary based on tournament/non-tournament bound. This is good for leagues who have programs that struggle every year. The low end ones pay less (knowing they have no chance from the beginning) and the top ones can play lower end still for “quota” purposes

  3. The CHF would be stupid not to allow for this. Ultimately should either entity care if they are collecting dues?

  4. This is foolishness by both organizations. Not sure about ACHA credibility when you have D3 teams that are capable of beating D1 teams. The CHF isn’t big enough to start worrying about division structure- its Tournament bound or not Tournament bound and nothing else should matter.

  5. Per the AAU site yes AAU is valid in Canada

Wshl uses aau and operates only in Canada.

Agree, in the past too many teams had to go to Michigan 2x to go to regionals or another won 3 games, too much waste in dues to subsidize everyone else.

Tournament and non tournament bound are good ideas.

I know with aau, the opponent doesn’t need aau insurance to play the game.

So JTurk, how is the CHF more expensive than the ACHA for tournament bound teams? I thought the CHF was created to reduce costs? What are the $850/$350 fees for if it’s a volunteer organization?

Someone has to pay for nationals?

Yes. I remember that national tournament bound teams had to pay an extra $500.00. So with approximately a 120 teams and let’s say 100 of those teams are declaring to be tournament bound. That’s a lot of money so where is it going if everyone is volunteering their time. It seems to me that now ACHA D3 is doing away with regionals they offer a lot more for less money.

But everyone knows Michigan runs ACHA D3 and has for years. Funny, a lot of those schools will be gone in a few years.

ACHA needs competition
USAHockey needs competition

I’m curious as to what you are referring to? So Michigan runs D3 because those teams typically win nationals?? In what ways does Michigan run ACHA D3? So does that mean that the CHF was created so they didn’t have to deal with Michigan teams winning nationals? So let me get this straight CHF is for the best interest of the player but it’s more expensive?? That was the biggest compliant of the people that left the ACHA to form the CHF. I’m confused.