ACHA-D1- ethics vs win at all cost?

While in the ACHA their is no rule dictating the player selection, I find it quite reprehensible that teams feel they need to cut seniors who have spent 3 years committed to their team , following all the rules, recruiting future players and in general promoting the teams virtues, all for the sake of a potentially better player or two.

While everyone want to win and be the best , I’ve always been of the opinion that collegiate hockey in the ACHA was about building a team with classmates while playing in front of and representing your school ?

I know of at least 1 ACHA D-1 that has cut 2 seniors this year already
I’m curious if other teams felt the need to do the same ?

While the ACHA hockey itself is very competitive … Surprise ! No one in this league is heading to the NHL.

This should be about playing great hockey, building a TEAM of great individuals that will stay long time friends, and enjoy your college years.

Interesting thought, however put yourself in their shoes.
If you were a freshman and took the spot of the senior , would you be ok if
Next year a freshman took your spot.? You might since your only a sophomore
At that point you could switch schools and try out somewhere else , but as a senior courses don’t transfer so you better really like the school !

1st of all no I’m not a senior that was cut, I am a fan of the game , and in fact was on the board of directors for a large youth hockey organization. And helped recruit for ACHA teams as well as junior teams.

This is not politics, as you put it, college is a 4 year commitment and IMHO that should extent to the athletics programs, as teammates move on new recruits should be added based on spots avalible.

“Furthermore , if I’m a freshman and took the spot of a senior, I would barely give it a thought…why would I think about that”

A statement like that would make me want to be your team mate !
it’s all about me!

I guess that there are coaches who truly develop talent , but its by far more convenient today for coaches to simply recruit until the talent level is high enough to compete.

Great that we can both provide our own takes on this issue.
See you in the beer leagues in a few years !

Communicating in a blog and true communications are 2 different animals.
Doubt if you like but I guarantee I’ve got T-Shirts older than you !

All I’m trying to advocate is a team atmosphere and stress that coaches should spend more time coaching and less time recruiting . Seniors have spent
3 years under a particular coach in most cases contributing to the success of the team and should be given an opportunity to finish out on a high note, with the team they’ve dedicated 3 years to building.

Best of luck to you in “our” leagues