ACHA D3 Nationals

Now that nationals tickets are booked, maybe we can get some chatter going? I know the computer rankings kind of ruined the dialogue compared to years past but figured we could get some noise going.

Pool A:

  1. Air Force
  2. Central Michigan
  3. George Mason
  4. Georgia Tech

Sounds like Air Force had a great year but can they keep up with an experienced CMU? I think CMU comes out of pool A.

Pool B:

  1. MSU
  2. New Mexico
  3. UCF
  4. QU

MSU glides through pool B.

Pool C:

  1. Farmingdale
  2. UGA
  3. Nebraska
  4. Oakland

I think Farmingdale has a nice draw here in bracket C. They usually don’t show up on the big stage but I think they make some noise this year and get out of Pool C alive.

Pool D:

  1. FGCU
  2. Fairfield
  3. Hope
  4. Arkansas

Toss up in Pool D. The speed at 1, strong D and goalie at 2, size at 3. I think FGCU makes it out but would not be surprised to see Fairfield give them a run.

Semi Finals CMU v FGCU - CMU
Semi Finals Farmingdale v MSU - Farmingdale

Champ - Farmingdale. Maybe this is more wishful thinking to see a non North team take it but going to go out on a limb. Should be a good tourney, hopefully will be broadcast again

Hope, as usual, paid their way in sexual favors to the easiest pool. I HOPE they lose. As usual.