ACHA hockey dues

According to the information which was released by Craig Barnett of the ACHA today, the association is still going to be charging teams full dues even if they are starting up until the spring semester? That doesn’t seem quite right and fair. Am I not understanding what hw said?

You have a very good understand of what was said. Just sad. It looks like the ACHA wants to go out of business.

They won’t join the CHF and will pay the dues because they believe in the crest. Michigan schools run the ACHA imo

You think anyone is going to not pay?

Here’s the plan for the CHF?
$100 to join, $50 for January start

Saving teams $1k plus

Many of the teams get their dues all or partially paid by the student association of their schools. If the schools ban club sports for the fall, how does the ACHA expect those teams that are funded by their schools to pay the dues? Do they expect the students to fund the dues out of their pocket? If there is not a full season, the ACHA should prorate the money that comes in. Unfair to the kids

Hey all…Been away for a bit but its good to see we’re all still thinking hockey. Hockey dues for this season is a tricky question. Lot of factors might come into play. When can we start/do we have regular funding/ will we be authorized to play at all/what travel and financial restrictions will we have? While a number of organizations/schools/conferences/states have declared what they are planning, quite few others haven’t firmed that up yet. Its likely to be resolved soon for sure. I can’t speak to the motivations of the acha. The CHF will do what’s best for all our programs and players. I’d expect a large majority of whatever college club hockey takes place will happen in 2021. Taking that into consideration the CHF will likely prorate dues and insurance payments for the compressed season. (final numbers TBD) so its easier financially and logistically to play. Thinking of what’s best for all our members…novel concept…but a CHF standard.

But will pay the ACHA dues, complaining on the board does nothing

They won’t join the CHF or start their own

If no teams, there is no ACHA, remember that