ACHA versus CHF

I have read everything available regarding this mess and yea it is a mess. The ACHA has issues and much of the issues in my experience are directly related to some of the people leading the CHF. As I read more and more all of this it seems as if people on both sides should have been at the table fixing whatever need fixing (easy for me to say). The ACHA has made huge strides in establishing legitimacy and now (my opinion) this is a huge setback for non-NCAA programs whether they be “club” or “varsity” programs.

The biggest issue that the ACHA and (remains to be seen) CHF have not addressed is the message to the .500 and below teams.

As a Commissioner explain to me how I can go to a school with limited to no funding and will likely only win 2-3 games and mandate them to pony up $1700-$2000?

I know both have explored “non-tournament” bound options, but you still need rationale for dues.

Ringer47: The leaders of the CHF have made multiple requests to meet with the leaders of the ACHA and the ACHA has made no movement to solve some of their requests. Much of this would have gone away if the ACHA leaders did 3 things: 1. published a budget, not a list of expenses after they spent the money 2. published an agenda for all upcoming board meetings on their website and 3. published board minutes on their website following board meetings. At this point the ACHA has not even published a budget for the 2019-20 season but have added people for various jobs throughout the ACHA . The CHF has tried to work with the ACHA but the ACHA doesn’t want to work with the CHF.

All of 3 of those issues are easily fixed. I have first hand experiences with some of the CHF leadership and I can assure you those men are less than adequate in their duties, decisions, communication, etc. I find it perplexing that these men are so fed up with the ACHA this is the route they have chosen given their lack of communication, adherence to bylaws, decisions made without consultation from member schools, etc. The ACHA obviously will need to reorganize, be more transparent, be more inclusive in regard to voting procedures, etc. Hopefully that will take place but specifically to those that had leadership roles in the ACHA and are now part of the CHF good luck because they are part of the daily problems of the ACHA.

Ringer 47- if the three issues are easily fixed, and the ACHA knows that those issues are concerns, why haven’t they been fixed? They are a non profit and and have a 501C and it is against the law not to make the information public. Thanks

Here’s the IRS number if anyone wants to loop them in: 877-829-5500.

Hello All……Good to see everyone is discussing the Hockey world. I just felt it was time to offer a dissenting opinion.To Ringers commentary. He makes a number of statements that are backed up by his reading, that are either false or misinformed.First substantiate for me how the leaders of the CHF (myself included) contributed to the issues caused by the ACHA EXEC Board. What experience can you show or detail that remotely justifies that statement. Secondly I do agree with you if both parties had sat agreed to sit down sometime in the last 14 months to discuss/address/resolve the problems presented to the ACHA board things might be different. Problem there is the ACHA EXEC Board refused to address the issues presented by member conferences, despite repeated requests to do just that. Their ignoring/turning their nose up to the present issues got us to here today. Hobeysmom references three of the issues that are in play, its impossible to discuss, have a dialogue or search for a resolution when you’re the only one interested in fixing/discussing those issues, the ACHA Board refused to engage in any effort to work things out. You’re perplexed we’d be so upset that the ACHA Board, for 14 months, refused to address their issues you listed. ( lack of communication-adherence to by-laws-decisions made arbitrarily without input or consultation from paying member schools). We’re just crazy that way, expecting the organization to do right by its members.
To NY Hockey Boss point. “National” (CHF term for tournament bound teams) will pay a higher fee than “League” (CHF term for non-tournament bound teams) . Dollar figures TBD. The exploration of “non-tournament” bound teams is this…ACHA has voted it down once and pushed off any resolution to the 2020-2021 season. IT starts in the CHF DAY ONE.

Getting closer to the 12th. Any update on who is staying and going in D2 or still pretty much just D3 teams joining. Seems like it could be a cake walk for Fairfield and Farmingdale in Nashville for the D3 land.

Few questions;

When ACHA teams play NCAA teams, does the USA hockey insurance become invalid since NCAA teams have their own insurance? I asked a commissioner of a SE conference and he didn’t answer me. Shocking.

Why couldn’t the college teams that join the CHF register as Adult teams through their USAHockey district? Which I did about 10 years ago. I’m under the impression, ACHA teams were Adult Senior teams. But nonetheless, there is no usahockey rule preventing any adult team from playing out of district, at least not yet.

Wouldn’t the exclusion of competition be against the Sherman Act? How can the ACHA be the only association?

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Hey Guys…
Calihockey…I think their would be some type of waiver needed for the ACHA vs NCAA. Not sure just a thought
-This is ultimately how the CHF will be insured thru USAH…some details still being ironed out

  • You’re right …USAH won’t stand for exclusion with another USAH program…we’ll see if ACHA gets that

Chiz…fake D-Day…ACHA trying to get a head count to see how short their budget $$$ will be. If a team doesn’t declare today…what happens?? ACHA gonna turn them out…push them over to the CHF?? I doubt it…but we’ll see

Just curious as why so many people are worried about USAH insurance? It’s a supplemental secondary insurance that barely pays out? Many of cases where claims were denied.

Issue I have is our student athletes have primary insurance from there parents or wherever, then secondary insurance through our school (proof for other schools could be given). So why do i need to double up with USAH insurance?

Why does a waiver exist for ncaa teams but not the non-Hockey Canada or aau juniors? Something doesn’t seem right.

I’m surprised a lawyer hasn’t gone after USA hockey using the Sherman act.

I’m almost positive the officials and coaches won’t be covered by schools insurance

As coaches (employees) of the school, we are covered under the school insurance as well. Plus we are adults with careers who have insurance.

I understand that but the whole USA hockey insurance excuse isn’t valid.

A few officials just referee for a living. They don’t have insurance

Not all coaches are employees of the school. With club hockey, my experience has been most are not considered official employees.

Not entirely invalid. It is an additional hoop to jump through. It also changes the cost structure. USA Hockey roughly charges 700 per team, which is rolled into the ACHA fee. This year individual fees, which is what would have to happen with the CHF, are 46 per player/coach. With the ACHA you get 30 players and 3 coaches, that cost at an individual rate would be 1518 per team. The team I am associated with carries 3 coaches and 27 players, so our individual registration cost would be 1380. It is important to note this is not USA Hockey blocking the CHF from being an affiliate. The window to apply for affiliate status for the next season is in the Fall. I think it speaks to what is a bigger symptom for the CHF side of things, they just were/are not ready to launch in this window. I think the CHF idea and outline holds a lot of promise, it really does but the leaps of faith they are asking competitive teams to make at this juncture is just to much. Might not be that way next year but it is now.

Looks like the entire DVCHC just made the jump except for Rowan(D3) and George Mason.

My assumption is it looks as if so far the ACHA won’t count ACHA vs CHF games towards the ACHA teams rankings. However the CHF will count all games towards their rankings. Can someone confirm this? So basically these ACHA vs CHF games have no real value for ACHA teams, except for game experience, etc. This is all assuming both teams are USAH registered and everything else falls into place.

Our conference falls into a tough place where our league is staying but a lot of our normal non league games are against teams who are leaving to join the CHF. Can be very frustrating from a scheduling standpoint.

So if you’re an ACHA team might as well start cancelling games and find an ACHA team to replace with. Just my $0.02

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