ACHA Website problems

Does anyone know what’s going on with the ACHA website? It seems to me that it hasn’t been maintained…i.e. Rankings not posted, player of the year not posted, etc. Did the website change or did I miss something?

Par for the course with ACHA websites. If history is any guide, look for them in the next couple years to talk about how switching to another hosting platform will solve all their problems, move to that new hosting platform, then continue to not maintain the website there, either.

Hi all. The website hasn’t changed and everything on the site is up to date with the information that is available at this time. If you see anything that is missing or incorrect, please let me know and we will get it updated immediately.

The only division with Rankings at this point is M1.
Those are here:

Past awards for M1 can be found here:

Each division has a link to last seasons awards in their menu.

In case this helps, we try to only post stories on the main page of the ACHA website that the majority of the divisions/people will have interest in. If you are interested in certain divisions there is division specific articles on each divisional page, though it’s a bit light in quantity due to the season just beginning.

We’re very happy with Pointstreak and the service being provided. We are very close to launching all of the historical information back to the 2008-2009 season. We’ve added video links to games, cleaned out much of the old, out of date content from the website and launched a new design and refreshed look during the summer. We also have a dedicated National Tournament website that will continue to be used for each season for all divisions moving forward. We will be updating the information on that website as soon as the details are released about this season’s championships.

If you have any, I’d love to hear any feedback you have to help us improve the website.

The ability to search by team name, player name, coach, etc from the home page would be very helpful. The current search feature (hidden below the fold) returns a blank page regardless of what is being searched for.

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Thanks @boardboss! It’s the first I’ve heard of the issue, but I can confirm it isn’t working. We’ll take a look at what can be done about that.

Please also remember to post rankings and team awards for the other divisions- 2 and 3. It seems as if the only division that gets recognition is D1

I agree on the rankings comment. Is it possible to get some information posted on when rankings will be released for MD2, MD3, WD1 and WD2? Most of the divisions have last season’s ranking information posted.

Rankings were posted as soon as they were available for all divisions last season and that will continue this year. They are shown in the sub menus for each division under “Rankings”. Once the first ranking comes out, they will be posted.

Awards from last season are also posted for all divisions in the sub menu under “Awards”. The only reason I mentioned D1 above was due to an assumption that was the division they were asking about (it’s the only one with rankings at this point).

M2 -

M3 -

W1 -

W2 -


We are working through the details of the new process due to the change to computerized rankings. The timeline of the rankings will be posted soon for each division.

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Thank you. It seems as though last year D1 was always on the first page of the website. It was very hard to see the awards etc for the other divisions. There was also no posting of the D2 all star team. Maybe this year each division could be highlighted once a week. I know D1has always been first but there are 210 + teams in MD2 and quite a few in D3 . Thank you


Thank you for the feedback! We try to keep the front page news to ACHA wide items with the occasional highlight from a specific division. The divisional pages are for their specific information.

That policy evolved and improved during the course of the season last year, so we’re hopeful that will help moving forward.