Arizona vs. Northern Arizona - October 7th

Some goalie fight action in the first period, in the first home game of the season. Jump to 1:01:00. The camera man was slacking a bit, but gets most of the fight. NAU goalie gets the upper hand.

And this is why the ACHA is a joke.

And that’s never happened anywhere else?

You asking me if it’s ever happen anywhere else? Not sure how to take your question, because no where did I say it was unique and never been done. Just pointing out that it happen in the first game, and in the first period of that first game. Not exactly sure that two goalies fighting that early into the season is very common. And just to clarify, I am aware AZ did have one game prior to this one up at NAU, so not technically the first game all season, just the first home game. Didn’t want to mislead anyone on that technicality either.

Fans didn’t seem to think it’s a joke. There’s really far less fighting across all levels of hockey, And even less goalie fights- they seemed pretty fired up so one positive thing is it puts/keeps butts in seats. (Esp with now the AHL playing in the same arena)

Maybe this stems from a previous incident since UA-NAU is a rivalry series. From the coaches pov, it’s stupid. The two starting goalies got kicked out and DQed for fighting so couldn’t dress in the second game of the series. It could have changed the series, esp for NAU which is the underdog in the series anyway.

But the difference between far less fighting and no fighting is still too big. The only point I was trying to make.

I agree it’s uncommon and not the smartest… I disagree with the joke part. No one knows the reason and it definitely sets the tone for the series, and the future rivalry

Let’s See…

-good crowd
-quality hockey
-both programs respected in their leagues

UMBC (Twisted’s boys)
-lucky to get 5 parents in the stands
-had a girl on their roster last season and a player in net
-havent been relevant or respected since their old coach left

Why is the ACHA a joke?

Dont throw stones in a glass house…

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The ACHA is a joke bc people jump to make personal attacks… ^ Respect your elders Shank

Certain teams might be a joke, simple fix, don’t play against them… But majority are trying to do the right thing

Agreed. These teams are not a joke. Arizona looked good. They have some offensive pop this season.They will win allot of DI games. NAU hung in tough though. They should be good in DII.

Just pointing out how praising goalie fights, or fighting in general isnt a good idea when trying to progress the league. M2 has already been warned from their commish about DQs.

If legitimacy is what the league is looking for than events like this.

They interviewed the Arizona goalie during the 2nd intermission (it’s probably also in that video someone linked to earlier). This is just one side of the story, but he said there were some liberties taken on a couple occasions that he took exception to, and then during a stoppage after one such instance the NAU goalie skated up toward center ice and shot the puck at him. Ipso facto, fisticuffs.