Atlanctic scores?

Maryland 7 @ Delaware 5
George Mason 9 @ RMU 3

That was all I found on the dvchc website, any others?

the little schools twitter says they beat Rider 7-0. They outshot them 41-10.

Impressive. Rider is a solid D2 team.

That is true. Then they took they bus ride to Connecticut and beat Fairfield 3-2 after a late night game!

BA had tired legs first two periods, but prevailed and won. Play another game tomorrow at Temple.

Albany 5
Farmingdale 2

Farmingdale 5
Siena 2

Rowan 5
Maritime 3

Cal 4
PSU Brehend 2

Cal also beat rmu Friday.

Terrible lose by Farmingdale against Albany. Didn’t even know they still had a team.

Bac 10
TU 0

Nice 3 game weekend for them.

I am sure LuckyFries is half clubbing the return of Albany and with the emergence of Quinnipiac, the Empire looks deep once again.

If the DVCHC loses BAC to the NCAA ranks, they are in deep poop.

Things always find a way to to go full circle.
DVCHC doesn’t have same location to pull from talent as CHE and EMPIRE.

Baa I was told the little school is done in the DVCHC after this year. I guess they gave the league their word in September. The Huge rumor is they will be moving to the empire after this year.

BA just continues to show that they’re above everyone else. Quick question, when they do move up to NCAA, are they still going to have a club team as well?

We were told on another thread that the would keep the club team. Burke (coach) is the only one moving. I am guessing he will bring a new team to the little hill. Great team for the next coach to walk into.

I’m wondering what the allure will be for prospective students to go and play ACHA DIII for BAC after this season. I don’t think they will be receiving the “presidential grant,” that Fries has mentioned as the NCAA players will be wreaking the benefits of that! With the team they have now, they still have another 2-3 years of being elite but I don’t know what their staying power will be after that.

It hasn’t been hard for them to recruit their 250+ student body in the past but with 2 teams, I can see it being harder to get elite level ACHA DIII talent, when they’re going to be playing 2nd fiddle to the NCAA squad.

As far as the empire goes, go for them if they scoop up BAC, all they need to do is recruit Rowan and there won’t be anything left of the DVCHC National Division.

I’m predicting that there will be huge movement in the Atlantic next year in regards to teams, some teams have big decisions to make, but I agree the Empire does appear to have solidified their membership. I still think there should be one conference with three divisions, and a tournament of champions in Feb. Makes life easy!

It’s still very early, but what this last weekend showed was parity across the board. Maritime takes Rowan to the wire before giving up 2 in the last minute and a half. Albany beat Farmingdale, tough loss for Farmingdale, but my sources tell me that they were missing their top 2 scorers, top dman and starting goalie, but besides that, Albany beat Quinnipiac, who beat Fairfield, who lost to BA in OT this weekend. Stockton and UPJ had a good tilt yesterday. This is going to be a crazy season, but make no mistake, BA and Farmingdale are still deeper then the rest. I’m starting to see very few differences between 3-10. It’s going to be good.

I don’t see BA going to Empire and I don’t see Empire wanting them.1) Travel time for games would be ridiculous. Besides Farm and Fairfield, why would BA want to play the others and do that type of travel?
2) Baaaah6 said it in this thread earlier, but BA has “2-3 years” as an elite team in ACHA D3, and not much “staying” power after that since they don’t want to be second fiddle to the NCAA team, so why would Empire want them, so the can be mediocre?
3) Money! Do you think BA has 2 fully funded teams? I don’t think so… So now you have to pay for the ACHA team and go to BA… better education out there in the area then BA, with a cheaper price point.

  1. Why does distance matter if the league you play in isn’t as competitive as you’d like it?
  2. Schools with an NCAA team and ACHA team tends to have a solid developmental structure and its good for the schools culture. (Adrian, RMU, Neumann).
  3. Bender, how much does it cost to run a school with 300 students? Do you think if all the students paid full tuition , lets say $30,000 a year? Do you think that $9 million is enough to run the whole school? Probably not! So, with 90% receiving academic grants, and the school still expanding, I think they have plenty of money. So yes, I think if they can keep both they would, why wouldn’t you?

Fries…Name a team that would travel 4-6 hours to play away leagues games, when you have a league within 40 mins of your doorstep?

Since BA has been in the top tier of DVCHC, Teams like NU, Rowan have been just as competitive as the Empire top two ( or did you miss NU smacking around Farmindale 8-1 last year)… so the relevance of DVCHC being down 1 year is comical.
Did BA confirm an ACHA team next year… I haven’t heard anything yet…

As Baaah stated, who wants to be second fiddle to NCAA? My statement about money was in reference to going from a fully funded program to a pay to play program. Would kids then come in? Would the school have two fully funded programs? (Doubt it)… with the school still expanding and the formation of new NCAA teams along with hockey and the renovation of the arena they have, do you think they have “plenty” of money to house another team fully funded (doubt it). With your “9 million average school funding”… how much goes to Athletics…

Schools like NU do not reside under athletics, but reside under club sports, so funding is a big issue.

I could be completely wrong because nothing has been confirmed by BA, but two fully funded programs seems very unlikely. Pay to play seems like an option, then you look at cost for travel to Farm, Albany, Fairfield and QU… it doesn’t seem feasible
Only time will tell what is going on at the little church school

1: Fredonia, UAlbany, West Virginia, Central Florida shall I continue?

  1. At no point did anybody say that Rowan or Neumann weren’t good or that the Empire was better. What I alluded to was the fact that if BA puts its resources in the NCAA and withdraws from the ACHA ranks, a team like Rowan has no relevant opponent other than Stockton, (Alvernia if they reload) to play in the DVCHC. Penn State and Neumann are going to be on probation for at least a year after they folded up shop in the middle of the year, so in reality, why wouldn’t a team like Rowan look at more competitive options?

The DVCHC is an extremely convenient league with many teams very close. The problem is, over the past 10 years, how many teams have made it to Nationals? 3 (BA, NU, ST), you can’t get to Nationals playing in your backyard unless you’re from Michigan, ie. Neumann last year. And honestly, Farmingdale and CAL have represented the Atlantic for virtually the last decade at Natty’s, so I’d relax on that statement.

  1. Using funny math to come up with $9 million as a simple example, I’d assume the true operating cost of BA is somewhere in the neighborhood of $25-30 million a year, because it’s privately owned. I’m sure they’d be able to scrounge up an extra $50 or $60 thousand for the club team if they needed.
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Everyone only wants to only mention Farmingdale and Fairfield. Is Southern not a contender? They lost to Farmingdale 4-1 missing a their top line, just beat QU with that same roster over the weekend and dominated Farfield for much of the game to start season.

Watch out for southern, I agree

Beat those teams and you become a contender until that happens pipe down. Get in line behind the top teams.

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Southern is for real!