Atlantic autobids

Anyone still doubting the Farmingdale Fairfield auto bids? You told me to hold my horses with my preseason selection but this is ridiculous.

Fairfield 5
Quinnipiac 1

So basically your down to two teams now with long shots to squeeze in, SCSU which lost two tight games to Fairfied and George Mason which can score in bunches but I don’t think is strong enough defensively to beat the top two. Rowan who can’t score lost to Delaware who has played nobody. Quinnipiac lost by over two touchdowns to Farmingdale, lost by four to Fairfield and tied Rowan. I don’t think Cal is that strong this year I haven’t seen them though but heard they are nothing special, good but not great.

Waiting for today’s Farmingdale at Fairfield game to see the gap between the top two teams. Offensive team versus defensive team. Farmingdale needs to stay out of the box constantly

Farmingdale takes a bunch of stupid penalties in third period blows a 4-1 third period lead but wins it in overtime.

I did a basic “computer ranking” in excel. I just took last year’s top returning 15 from the computer ranking and added UPJ, and UCONN (just curious about how one team from that conference would shake out). Be advised I could only take into account the games that the teams played against each other, or else the formulas wouldn’t have worked. Below are the results:

  1. Farmingdale
  2. Fairfield
  3. GMU
  4. SCSU
  5. Quinnipiac
  6. Rowan
  7. Fredonia
  8. Delaware
  9. Cal
  10. UPJ
  11. UCONN
  12. Fordham
  13. Stockton
  14. Ramapo
  15. PSU-Behrend
  16. Loyola
  17. PSU-Altoona

Pretty interesting to see how this matches up come the 8th, nice job.

It will be interesting, I think the top 10 looks correct, I’m not sure about the order however. Cal is probably higher than 9, and I’m surprised to see GMU at 3.

Yes, I would have to agree Cal is higher then 9.

I re-ran the excel I had made. Deleted PSU-Altoona, and added RMU, Maryland, and IUP, so that I included all teams from the big three conferences, plus Fordham and Ramapo from the MCHC. Due to lack of crossover games I couldn’t include the New England conference:

  1. Farmingdale
  2. Fairfield
  3. GMU
  4. Rowan
  5. Quinnipiac
  6. Cal
  7. SCSU
  8. UPJ
  9. Fredonia
  10. Delaware
  11. Maryland
  12. PSU-Behrend
  13. RMU
  14. Fordham
  15. Stockton
  16. Loyola
  17. Ramapo
  18. IUP

Saw the rankings, no Fairfield, what gives?

Fairfield had an ineligible player so therefore all their wins are now 1-0 forfeit losses.

Oh boy.

Doesn’t matter… By the end of the year, they will still be in the top 3