Atlantic Rankings

Anyone’s thoughts on the third ranking period? Rowan still at 4, that surprises me.

Southern should be there

I personally have not seen Rowan play, but looking at their schedule I don’t think it’s very strong. Yes they play BA (got smoked), Farmingdale beat them pretty good, and they play fairfield to a 2-1 win. That’s their best win on their schedule. Really would have liked to see them vs Southern, but i’m sure they will meet in Regionals.

Nothing will change major down run. Bryn and Farm are cruising to Ohio. Cal will be 3. Voters are focused more on who 4,5,6 will be. Overall the region is way down. The other two who make nationals will go winless.

Surprised Bryn Athyn didn’t get all first place votes. They got all the first place votes for the second ranking period and have not lost and have been playing well lately since then, just odd. Big game on Sunday, Cal at BA at 3pm.

Here come the shenanigans… Southern wins 12 straight since early November and doesn’t move a spot. here we come!

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Quinnipiac beat Farmingdale 7-4 on Sunday, interesting. Cal ties Stockton on Saturday and gets pounded 6-1 at BA Sunday. Should be an interesting final rankings, only lock now is BA at 1.

Please… let’s be real. The rankings are locked within the committee. Cal will stay at 3, Rowan 4, SCSU 5, and FU at 6. QU will get little recognition for beating FU (2) and Farmingdale. SCSU doesn’t move after beating FU again, when Rowans top wins are against FU and… U Maryland? Cal U has a decent schedule. Beat Farmingdale (1) lost to FU, Lost to Bryn Athen, and beat RMU in a shootout. Ranking committee needs to figure it out.

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How can Cal stay at 3, with a tie against unranked Stockton?

same reasoning that rowan is still 4

Be fair to Cal…Stockton’s no powerhouse but they deserve to be ranked, They are better than a number of teams above them, not talkin top ten but a 12 or fair.

Rowan got shutout 4-0 by Fairfield this weekend, should be interesting to see if they stay at 4. especially with southern playing so well and Fairfield haveing BA this weekend who they’ve taken to OT before. Lots of questions should be answered this weekend

SCSU 5 , QU 1
Farmingdale 3, Rowan 1