Atlantic scores

Quinnipiac 1

Boy they are scorching hot. Wouldn’t want to play them at regionals. Quinnipiac just beat Farmingdale last week too. Could SCSU possibly pass Cal for the three seed?

Farmingdale 3
Rowan 1

Well at least Rowan finally played a competitive game against a top team. They usually get their doors blown off against the top two teams. Their offense though against the big boys is usually one or two goals and that is just not going to be enough to steal a win.

SCSU vs Farmingdale tomorrow night. Should be a good one. Any predictions?

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Southern has been hot for a while now. Going to be a good game. I personally can see it going both ways. Farmingdale is strong but weak defensively and at times undisciplined. I see Southern has lost a few players but they have great goaltending and their forwards can score goals. Should be a good game

Southern beats Farmingdale tomorrow, can they take the second seed?? They are on a roll and not getting the rankings they deserve.

Southern is playing great what were their results against BA this season? Cal this season? Or Rowan this season ?

Oh that’s right… I forgot

What are Rowan’s results ? What are Cals results?

They at least played,I don’t think you can be the 2 seed with two losses to Farmingdale, no games against the 1, 3, or 4…

Unless you think so ?

I don’t think the rankings will change much regardless of the outcomes the rest of this season. I don’t think SCSU will go from 5 to 2 by beating Farmingdale once. Farmingdale beat BA twice in one weekend and they aren’t the 1 seed. I think the rankings will stay the same with the possibility of SCSU going 4 Rowan 5 QU 6 Fairfield 7

Southern is hot right now not doubts, but you can win 1 of 3 against a team and move past them. I do think they deserve the 3 or 4 spot, but I’ve said that all along. They’re going to be a tough out at regionals…

I think if SCSU beats Farmingdale tonight they should jump to #3. Cal’s schedule just not strong enough to hold them off for the three seed. If Farmingdale wins I think Cal holds onto the three but SCSU jumps Rowan to take the four seed.

Farmingdale 4

I guess there is no more IF