Atlantic Take Notice

Ramapo is for Real! There is a new player in town and they are big, physical and well run… The top 4 are taking shape (Farm, Ramapo, GMU, Fairfield)… Rowan banging on the door…

Ramapo only down 5-3 to Farmingdale last night entering third period. Lost 10-4. Farmingdale though, always runs up the scores. Ramapo crushed Rowan 10-2. Rowan has beaten all the weaker teams they need to so far. Have lost to every good team they have played so far ,Mason, Farmingdale and Ramapo. Would like to see Rowan beat a good team before I put them as banging on the door. Atlantic after the top four you have stated, drops off a cliff. Haven’t seen Quinnipiac yet but would have to assume they should be five. SCSU is 1-7. CAL and Pitt are terrible. Delaware and StonyBrook are competitive. Stockton, Fordham and Salisbury could sneak into the bottom of the top ten. Farmingdale then Fairfield, who tied Farmingdale, then Ramapo then George Mason definitely the top four.

I believe this year there exists 4 tiers of teams. Unfortunately, Farmingdale is in a tier of its own… but tier 2, has Fairfield, Ramapo and GMU. Ramapo has the most balanced offense of the three teams, Fairfield is the most balanced team of the three, and Mason has the biggest HR Hitter. I see Rowan as being just as balanced as Fairfield, just not at the offensive level, that’s why I see them banging. Now tier 3, I see Quinnipiac, Stony Brook, Delaware and I’m waiting to see how Fordham fares against non-MCHC teams, but I’d expect them to be in this group. Tier 4 the question mark division, IUP, Hofstra, Stockton, CAL, Southern all have good schedules, but bad records, I could see a team with a sub .500 record getting into the top 10, based on SOS alone…

We think alike I see. Fordham goalie very good. Seen him and his team lose by 1 goal in regionals to a much stronger George Mason last year. They are definitely a top ten team. Lost to Quinnipiac by a goal earlier this year. Hard to see much difference right now between Quinnipiac, Rowan, Delaware, StonyBrook and Fordham. Hoping they play each other if not it will be extremely close rankings wise 5 thru 9.

Sunday night games tonight will help us some

Fordham/Suffolk County CC

QU up 4-0 in second
Fordham up 3-1 after 1
Fairfield-Ramapo starts in 2 min

Fairfield up 1-0

Fordham up 7-3 after 2
QU up 6-1 in third
Fairfield and Ramapo tied at 2 after 1

Ramapo hanging tough after playing Farmingdale last night! Nice to see a new team near the top. Thanks for the updates

Fordham 10
Suffolk CC 3 final

Quinnipiac 7
StonyBrook 2

Ramapo 6
Fairfield 5 nine minutes left in third Ramapo going on a 5 on 3 power play

Ramapo 7
Fairfield 5 3:50 left in 3rd

Ramapo 7
Fairfield 6 3:30 left in 3rd Fairfield to the power play

Ramapo 7
Fairfield 7 WOW OT. Game on Facebook live stream great camera work. Actually following the puck

OT breakaway goal
Ramapo 8
Fairfield 7

Here’s what my formula says for wednesday’s rankings. I’ve taken out teams that haven’t played 5 games:

  1. Farmingdale
  2. Ramapo
  3. GMU
  4. Rowan
  5. Delaware
  6. Fordham
  7. Fairfield
  8. Salisbury
  9. Stony Brook
  10. Stockton

Fairfield gets killed by only beating SCSU by 1 goal.