BA-Rowan tonight

Any prediction on tonight’s game? After losing both games to Farmingdale last weekend Bryn Athyn needs to win big to try to hold off Farmingdale in the next ranking period. I see a 7-1 win for Bryn Athyn and I think they barely hold onto the number one ranking followed by Farmingdale at number two Cal three and Rowan four

The class of the ACHA tonight all in one rink.

Bryn Athyn 10 Rowan 4 Final

How many missed offsides or icing calls that resulted in goals?

Let me get this right. You really think that BA won because of missed offsides and icing calls in a 10-4 game. Are you serious?

Was referring to the Rowan fans previous excuses for goals against, and was asking for the excuses this go around.

And for you to even ask me that question you need to Recite 3 Hail Marys and 3 our fathers.

No bad calls in this one but thanks for asking. This was just a good old fashioned butt whipping. The two goals I mentioned last week were just brutally obvious missed calls that even the other team laughed about. It turned a tight one goal game into a three goal deficit in just a few minutes. Never said we would of won the game but at least give us a fair shot at it.

Bryn Athyn 8 Stockton 1 Final

Should be an interesting ranking period. Should have tons of movements

1 - Little School - Still plays the strongest SOS and the series with Farmingdale is tied at 2. If voters put them in front of the little school now it says that farmingdale has the inside track on the 1 seed. BA plays the SOS by far followed by Farmingdale. Voters have to look at the entire season as you go through each ranking period. Farmingdale had a stellar 2nd ranking period but also had 4 L in the first. Hard to be 1 with 4 L on your sheet.

2 - Farmingdale - Gaining votes

3 - CAL - the name keeps them at the top for now

4 - SCSU - yes yes they have made moves and have won games.

5- Rowan - Not a great ranking period but still stronger than FU.

6 - FU - Slipped a ton but will rebound

7 - GMU
8,9,10 - Toss it up (Atlantic is pretty weak outside the teams above)

Fairfield 5
Farmingdale 4

Well I didn’t see that coming.