Bgsu @ SNHU @ posting scores @ shootouts

Shouldn’t BGSU be listed in the Southeast instead of the Central. There home games aren’t listed on their team schedule on the ACHA d2 website therefore their sept 17 7-3 win over Xavier and Oct 21 5-4 win over Ohio State will never be posted. so myhockeyrankings will most likely not get these scores

Southern New Hampshire doesn’t seem to be posted there home scores. I know they beat Connecticut College on OCT12 but don’t know the score. They also lost to Providence 6-2 on OCT 22 by not posting this prevented Providence from being listed in the rankings since it was their 5th game

Can these be fixed?

Rider beat Wagner on Sept 24 which is correct. The game was posted again for SEPT 25 and they didn’t play so Rider has an extra win

Cincinnati beat Ohio in a shootout on Sept 24 5-4 this game is also listed twice as a 4-4 tie and as a shootout win for Cincinnati

What is the procedure for the result of a shootout some teams are getting wins some losses and some both ties? Aren’t shootouts ties for both teams?

if you look at Ohio’s schedule they have a loss a win and a tie in shootouts one of there scores against Cincinnati should be deleted since it is posted as a tie and shootout loss

Rider’s 3-2 shootout is post as a win and a loss for MD
Ohio 5-4 shootout is posted as a win and a loos for Miami
Scranton lost to Binghamton 6-5 in a shootout and is posted as a loss

Can these scores be fixed the 2 double postings and the shootout results assuming shootouts should be posted as ties

This probably would affect the rankings of Miami and Ohio since they wouldn’t have any loses

Yeah, it’s a mess. There are links in MHR for submitting corrections. I think it’s in the details section (far right column) which opens the individual team page. That’s also where you can view the rating math.

I would suggest submitting corrections that way and if it still doesn’t get fixed I would contact the regional and national commissioners.

ACHA needs to consider imposing fines on teams that don’t accurately and timely report scores. Otherwise this will never improve.

Thank you for the feedback. We will work to correct the errors you have noted.

There are no provisions for a shootout in ACHA M2 as stated in the ACHA By-Laws. Shootouts should only be recorded for conference play. Shootouts for ranking purposes should be annotated as a tie.

Given the first year ACHA M2 will be using computer rankings, it is imperative that the scores recorded are as accurate as possible. Last season, while we were in the testing mode, a 7-3 win was recorded as a 7-3 loss for an M3 team in January. Correcting this score moved one team up one spot, the other down 3 - both teams remained in the top ten.

Think of the 40 or so teams in each region to be placed on a bell curve. The top 6-8 teams will break out regardless. However, the “Bubble Teams” ratings will be very tight. Each win, and in some cases, each goal may factor into a move on the rankings chart.

Again, thank you for your interest in ACHA hockey. We are always open to feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Thank you @Sheriff. Nice to know the powers that be follow along here as well. I think that means we can finally generate some constructive dialogue and work to improve collectively.

Do you know how MHR will record OTLs? Will it be a W and a L or a W and a T?

Also, could you clarify the new 5th year drop down rule? Does it apply to anyone who previously played ACHA D1 or higher immediately? Or does it apply from this point going forward with some players grandfathered in? @twisted noted a few weeks ago that Liberty has several players on their roster who have previously played D1, which seems like a clear violation, unless there is a grandfather exception.

Sorry those questions are a little off topic for this thread.

thanks for the quick fixes The Northeast @ Southeast looks excellent except for a few games that have to be posted 3 are from BGSU which I think should be in the Southeast since they were last year and the 9 teams in there division are in the Southeast and Southern New Hampshire who have to post there 3 home games which includes last night game with Harvard (didn’t expect that to be posted yet)

No apology necessary - I apologize for taking so long to log in to this new site.

We are making every attempt to improve upon the successes of the past 25 years and those who have laid the foundation. In that vein, I make every attempt to communicate with as many of our 13,000 members, carving out my mornings to address email, phone calls, texts from players & coaches - & now this blog site. My goal is to be as accessible and transparent as possible and to do the same for the ACHA. I will always welcome the feedback & I have a fairly thick skin for most issues. I also clearly understand we will make mistakes and all our decisions won’t be on target. Having said that, we also won’t shy away from pushing the envelope to see what works. That’s where membership feedback becomes critically important.

  1. OT wins or losses are considered the same as regulation wins or losses in the computer algorithm. This is offset by placing significant weight on GD and SoSchedule - meaning a one goal loss is not nearly as significant as the Two Point model.

  2. One of my major concerns with the ACHA, in my humble opinion, is the lack of standardization between the Divisions. One such policy is the four year eligibility in M1 vs the five year policy in M2, M3, & Women. This is not only confusing to high school recruits and potential sponsors, but also leads to what is commonly referred to as a drop down senior. This is a student-athlete who has timed out in M1, but then goes on to participate on an M2 or M3 team at the same university. My long term goal is to move M1 to

five years. In the short term, we have created a bandaid policy to prohibit M1 players to participate in the ACHA at any level more than 4 years. However, our timing to release this policy was bad as universities were emptied for the summer. Students at various universities in the ACHA had already paid money and were committed to the universities. In the case of Liberty, one student enrolled in a Master’s program. We did not want to punish these students, so the ACHA decided to grandfather those students for this year only.

Hope that helps.

Keep the lines of communication open!

(Apologize for the broken response - typing on my iPhone).

Thanks again.


BGSU should be moved to SE from Central
Williston State needs to be moved to West from Central
We’re still trying to decide what to do with Miami - the rest of their league is in the Central.