Big Upset tonight

Fairfield 5
Farmingdale 4


Bryn Athyn

Even if they would of beat Fairfield I believe the highest they would have went is 2. They split with BA 2-2, but have 3 extra losses now than BA. Think your rankings are right on, can Cal leap to #2 now with this Farmingdale stumble?

I don’t think the current (3) Fairfield beating the current (4) Farmingdale is a big upset.

However if your insinuating Farmingdale is the Number 2 this next ranking period then I can understand, but I would still not call it a big upset.

1- BA

2 Farmingdale (not 1, but 2 things no one else has, Wins over BA)

3- Cal? But feel they just are here by default, but could flip flop with Fairfield

4- Fairfield- expierenced and can turn it up when they want to play

5 - Southern- Tough schedule, can cause BIG UPSETS, I’d consider one of the top teams at regionals if they stay on track

6- Rowan- just not a fan, plus they have no shot at the autobid, So it doesn’t really matter where they fall. I’m sure they will stay in top 6 and have a chance at regionals

BA is getting a multiple transfers for their 3rd trimester

Rowan D2 players coming down second half

Farmingdale suffered injuries this weekend with 3-4 players out for some time

What else?

Idk what the big upset is was supposed to be… Fairfield has an experienced team that went to nationals last season. So it wasn’t a crazy upset at all, both teams have been in the top 5 for the last few seasons. Game 3 between the 2 teams will decide their fate.

Why would BA bring in players to eat up their NCAA eligibility? That doesn’t make sense, but good for them if they do.

To my knowledge, Rowan doesn’t have any drop downs but will have some players back from grades and maybe a few transfers.

  1. BA
  2. Farm-
    3/4/5- CAL, Fairfield, Rowan- I don’t think there is enough yet to crown 3-4-5
    6- SCSU- Great win against FU but still not enough to get into Top 5.

7-Whoever- When was the last time no one seemed to care who was 7-whatever?

CAL will fall… They do not have the schedule to be considered in the top 3 at this point. In terms of the Fairfield win over Farmingdale, there are a few variables that need to be identified.

  1. Fairfield is an elite team!
  2. The Farmingdale/Fairfield rivalry is a tremendous one, and now the season series is 1-1, with 1 to go.
  3. Farmingdale played 7 road games in 4 weeks (BA 3, CAL 1, Rowan 1, Fairfield 1), and went 6-1, who else is doing that, and if they did, what do you think that result would look like.
  4. Word on the street was Farmingdale was down 6 starters with injuries, NOT AN EXCUSE, but still, when you are missing that many from the line-up its noticeable.
  5. Fairfield would have lost 4 straight if they lost, so there’s a little desperation.

I think the race for 1-2 is over, regardless of whether Fairfield wins the season series. 2 wins against BA is significantly more valuable then anything else, and nobody else is going to have that!

There is absolutely no way you can sit here and tell me the race for #1 and #2 is over. I see a lot of great games remaining, not wasting everyone’s time throwing out hypotheticals. But the race for the auto-bid is far from over

I actually have to agree with Fries, unless 1 of those 2 teams loses more than a few games next semester, its a wrap. Better luck next year

I guess my only point is that anything can happen so I don’t agree with jumping to those final ranking conclusions already.

Pierre, I agree totally that anything is possible, but let’s be a little honest here… Unless someone loses 3 players, or drops 4 in a row, it’s hard to see anybody matching the total body of work that BA and Farmingdale will put together by the end. You can’t go 16-8 and get an autobid when other teams may have 25 wins and a better SOS