Boardboss hope you reply - Ohio posted games on myhockeyrankings

Boardboss Ohio Universities posted games are so messed up on myhockeyrankings. they played Cincinnati on Sept 24th the game ended in a shootout win for Cin 5-4 the game is posted twice once as a tie and another time as a shootout win for Cincinnati Ohio beat Miami in a shootout 5-4 on OCT 21 the game was posted as that. Now someone just posted the same game on OCT 22nd it is in gray now So now there are 2 duplicate postings for Ohio U. other teams are posting them as ties for both teams. Ohio even has a shootout posted as a tie. I know volunteers are doing this but how can this system work if games are being double posted and shootouts are being posted as wins and losses and others as ties for both teams which is correct right? doesn’t double posting affect team rankings such as Ohio and Miami since it now shows those teams with losses if shootouts are suppose to be ties. How does this get fixed?

thanks for fixing them so fast

OK, I didn’t fix anything. I have no affiliation at all with MyHockeyRankings. I also don’t know how games & results are sent from the ACHA (Pointstreak) to If it’s a manual process, then it will certainly be prone to errors. If it’s a data dump sent from Pointstreak, then I know they’ve struggled with that in the past, but we can rest assured that given the potential impact errors can cause, making this work will be high priority.

Fortunately, MHR does have a means to report errors. Given that this is the first year that M2 will be using computerized rankings, we can expect there to be a few growing pains. However, I’m certain that the ACHA staff will be all over this to make sure that there aren’t any glaring ranking errors.

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just thought so since all the games that had shootout postings errors have been fixed every thing looks good