Central Region - rosters, early games, predictions

Okay, Central region watchers - let’s get the chatter going. How are teams looking this year? Anyone seen any exhibition games or practices? Share your observations and predictions. Regular season games are right around the corner.

Watched Northern Illinois vs Lewis this weekend. Lewis looks strong when they’re on their game, but struggle staying at that level. Lewis did have a short bench with only 16 skaters. Northern Illinois struggled on the power play, had plenty of chances and couldn’t get anything to work, i think they scored one goal on 12 chances. Lewis vs Waldorf next weekend at Lewis will be a tough series for both teams

I’ll be interested in how NIU does, they seem to have had some major changes in the offseason

Can anyone weigh in on the Michigan teams? GVSU, Davenport, MSU, Michigan, etc.

Anyone seen or heard anything about Wisconsin? I know they finished with a fairly decent record last year.

I posted on the weekends update but it might be more useful here.

ISU DII improved after transitioning the program to DI and DII last year. Twelve freshmen on the team all have speed and skill. That being said, you get all of the upside and downside of twelve freshmen. They should be more competitive then last year. NIU has a new coach and has lost some skilled players to graduation but appeared more disciplined then in years past. MACHA Gold should have some parity up and down.