CHF Alive and Kickin

Hello all…sorry for my absence…been a tad busy doing new and improved hockey stuff with the CHF.
We’re almost at the half way point of this season and all in all we’re just thunderin along. Check out the CHF website……finally…yeah I know took a smidge longer than we’d hoped but its soo awesome…you’ll enjoy it…we’re still adding new features so enjoy it but keep coming back for more.

Keep up the good work. I hope you can grab 50 more next year. I’d start a juco championship and go after those teams.

I was hoping for a lawsuit, discovery would be the greatest thing ever in my opinion.

I checked out the site and it looks good. I see the majority of the teams are located out east, will the CHF expand to the Midwest, South, and West?

Cali…we’'l do our best to keep the good things coming…Juco may be something we’ll look into at some point but truth be told we have our hands full with whats on our plate now. Someday in some forum answers will be presented for all to see, but a lawsuit of that type isn’t good for anyone particularly the players and coaches we all serve. Kingis… thanks for the thumbs up!! The CHF will expand wherever a program or a league wants to become part of our organization. Half way into this season we’ve already had preliminary discussions with existing leagues/programs and their interest/desire to become part of the CHF next season . All areas of the country are represented in those dialogues. Some are old conversations of the “lets see what happens when these crazies jump ship” variety with leagues who"almost" were part of our inaugural season while others are of the “wow-these guys are onto something lets see if we can get in” variety. Either way, we’re glad to talk to anyone…answer any question…transparency!!! a new concept in the college club hockey world.

The CHF is a joke

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well, when your team ( I am assuming that you are a player) has to pay $1700 to $2000 next year just for ACHA dues to help pay for their high paid personnel and the few teams that go to the national tournament, then you can respond. What difference does it make if you play for the ACHA or CHF? I assume you are not going to play in the NHL or are even one of the top 20 teams. Please keep your nasty comments to yourself. The administrators of the CHF are working very hard to make the organization a success. Unlike the ACHA they volunteer their time and are working for the good of the organization.

H-Mom and Sniper…Thanks for your support and humor. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I certainly don’t agree with Mr.Chiz, but he’s entitled to speak up. Chiz like I told you back in June…better read up!!!..don’t take the acha line as gospel brotha. CHF is player centric…offering better value at significantly less cost to player and program. No hidden costs or agenda’s everything available for all to see and participate in. We’re rock solid in our footprint this season and if the latest conversations are any indication we’ll double the team number footprint and blow up the geographic foot print next season. Jokes on…?

Chiz is just angry he’s a grocery stick on a team that can’t make it out of regionals each year don’t take it personally

Let’s see what happens this off season before anyone rushes to judgement on what is/isn’t working. I understand and actually appreciate the way the CHF is trying to go about communicating with their membership. But lets not get carried away with “blowing up the geographic footprint” of the ACHA. They aren’t there yet.

Chiz…you’re misunderstanding my statement. “blowing up the geographic footprint” is referencing the growth I anticipate for the CHF, not anything to do with the ACHA. If the CHF picked up 4 leagues say and 3 new regions …thats “blowing up the footprint” from this season. Based on conversations I’ve had…thats a very real possibility…with other leagues and regions in play as well.Over time the ACHA has done great work for college club hockey… we’re of the opinion they have lost their way in a number of areas…oh yeah and refuse to do anything about it.

just took a look at the DVCHC website and i see this-

•Regionals - No longer participate in Regionals to save schools money.
•CHF Federation Cup National Championships - March 9 - 15, 2020 at Ice Line in West Chester, PA

what happened to Nationals in Nashville?

Coach…here’s the deal:
CHF regions will determine how they are represented at the National tournament…No need to spend 10k to go to a regional and then another 15k to a National tournament. The leagues in each region will agree on a formula to pick teams for Nationals. Likely league champs…top ranked teams etc.
The agents of acha managed to put significant hurdles in the Nashville National plan. We were faced with a potentially arduous and adversarial battle to make it happen or enact plan “B” and open bidding to other venues. Ultimately based on the footprint of this years CHF a more Mid-Atlantic/Northern venue made sense for all programs involved. We solicited bids from a number of venues and Ultimately chose Iceline in West Chester ,PA as our partners for this year Federation Cup tournament
Great team in place, proven excellent facility. PLan B rocks…when we grow the footprint Nashville will come back round.

Good use of prep, usahockey, and non-hockey Canada teams. I wonder which insurance was used?

You know exactly how it was able to happen and be insured.

Trouble in paradise for the CHF and their ranking partner?

Coach you’re misunderstanding the posts… CHF and MHR are solid…we’re referencing the “ tweaks” in the ACHA rankings the last few weeks… miraculous changes… good for specific teams and screw job for others.

JTurk - can you elaborate on what the tweaks were? Which division? I did notice in D-2 they added a “penalty” column, without explanation of how that was calculated.

I’m a D3 guy so…The past couple weeks a number of teams had “miraculous” jumps in ranking without playing any real “Rankings Heavy” opponents. Interestingly enough some of the teams effected were CHF friendly and by keeping them ranked prevented them from considering “at large” bids to the CHF tournament. Unfortunately teams outside this dynamic got jobbed.

Hopefully the Admin of this site is still an ACHA guy… If so, you have to delete this website so we can stop giving Jay Turcotte and the CHF a voice.