D-III Rankings?

Does anyone have any idea when the rankings will come out? The website still just shows last year’s rankings. I’d think that since they’re moving to computer rankings we’ll be able to get weekly updates since they won’t be running around collecting votes from coaches. Maybe that’s too optimistic though.


You are correct. Here is what is being placed on the website now:

This is the second season for computerized rankings for D2 and the first season for D3. This process requires that there is a large enough sample size for the computer to properly generate the rankings. As a result, the first ranking will be posted on November 8. After the first ranking is released, weekly rankings will be posted to the website on Wednesdays.

Sounds great, thanks!


FYI, the D2 page has not been updated.

Overall, thanks for giving us a little bit of information, but I was wondering if we could get something a little more detailed. My apologies ahead of time for the question dump below:

Can you explain the details of the computer rankings? Last year D2 used myhockeyrankings and they started posting rankings as soon as teams reached 5 gp. Even if they weren’t “official” they gave a good indication of how the season was shaping up. Are we no longer using myhockeyrankings? If so, how has the algorithm changed? What is the maximum goal differential? Will the weekly rating math numbers be available so teams can check if they got a positive or negative rating from a particular game? How are forfeits being handled?

I also heard a rumor that inter-division games (i.e. D1 opponent vs. D2 opponent) were no longer being counted, is that true? There are several bad D1 teams that schedule games against good D2 teams, and likewise at the D2/D3 fringes. If these are eliminated they become a waste of time for everyone. One of the nice things about myhockeyrankings was the ability to compare inter-division games in an objective manner. What is the rationale for eliminating these games from the ranking math?

Finally, would it be possible to get some explanations posted on the regionals/nationals formats? How many teams will qualify for each tournament? (There are always rumors of expanding to a 16 team regionals, essentially making a 64 team national tournament.) Additionally, how many autobids are slated for each region and what conferences are getting those autobids?

Again, sorry for the question dump, but hopefully you get some time to address at least some of these questions. It would be nice to have this stuff clearly articulated from an official source, instead of the usual guessing game we play.



The page was updated 6 days ago. http://achahockey.org/view/achahockey/divisions/men-s-d2-1/acha-mens-d2-2017-18-rankings

As for the computer rankings and national tournament format, I wouldn’t be able to answer those. I’m responsible for the website only. Those would be excellent questions for the commissioners of each division. They should be able to get you the answers you’re looking for.


That’s interesting. If you google “acha m2 rankings” this is the page that comes up:


Thanks for the response. I understand you just update the website as information comes along, but since that is pretty important information, I thought you might be interested in finding out those answers and sharing them with the rest of us. Would you mind passing those questions along to each commissioner? Feel free to copy and paste.


Google can pull back archived pages. Your best bet is to head to the website and use the menus to get the information you are looking for.

As for the information on rankings, I’d encourage you to reach out to the commissioners directly. That is a discussion best had with them directly. You can use this page to reach out to any of them: http://achahockey.org/view/achahockey/about-the-acha/contacts-115