D2 Regionals Scheduling

I was at southeast regionals this weekend and found the scheduling horrible, especially in light of the fact the ACHA is not a neophyte and should be more astute at making a schedule. It was appalling that the teams on Friday and Saturday had played the late times and therefore didn’t finish their games until after midnight and had to return the next day and play a 12pm game. When you consider transport back to hotel , some sort of snack, and getting to next game 1 1/2 hrs before game time, your talking a 10 hour turn around. That’s insane. I have been to tournaments that actually state there has to be at least a 24hr turn around. I hate to wear my tinfoil hat but this benefited Liberty big time in their games against Rider and Miami. Unfortunately I base this conspiracy theme on the fact Liberty does have a reputation of skirting the rules. It’s either that or the ACHA wants certain teams, ie higher ranked, to move on. If so i think that’s despicable since the top 2 get automatic nationals bids leaving 3-10 in which any team has a chance. I believe this needs to be addressed.

If you have a complaint, the person to address it to is the Board President Paul Hebert or the acting executive Chris Perry. I am sure neither of them was there to oversee the tournament. It would be interesting to see what they have to say about it