D3 Final Regional Ranking Reveal Show

The show is now available!


Very nicely done. I do think it’s ridiculous Quinnipiac didn’t make it but loving what I’m seeing in terms of exposure from the ACHA.


Quinnipiac voluntarily pulled out of Regionals as they did not set aside enough funds for Nationals. They did not want to win at Regionals then have to wave off on Nationals - that would incur a heavy penalty as per the ACHA by-laws.

There are many phenomenal programs, coaches, team captains, and players in the ACHA. What Quinnipiac voted/decided to do was selfless - they have been an absolute class act in their first year back in the ACHA. I look forward to seeing that team in the post season next season!


Good to see the ACHA making advancements like this.
From my understanding, Quinnipiac only played 15 games and the rules state 16. Lesson learned for them for next year. I’m sure WVU is shocked.

The webcast was nicely done, nice job. I enjoyed the comments and their take on the Nationals. I would of like to see them predict on whom they feel is making the frozen four.
It is a shame for the Seniors on Quinnipiac though, to pull out of Regionals, feel bad for them.
They still had a little less than a month to do some type of fund raisers, donations, even the players/families probably would of put towards the costs, to experience Nationals if they won the Regionals.

the four north teams again. Only non north teams with a shot at final four are Bryn Athyn, Iowa State and Farmingdale if they can stay out of the penalty box which is a big if. Just looked at nationals bracket shame they put #1 north team in bracket with #2 Atlantic and #1 Atlantic team in with # 2 north team. So that means Bryn Athyn and Oakland are in the same pool and Calvin and Farmingdale are in the same pool thus eliminating two top teams from making final four. Pool A is by far the weakest and thus will have a weaker team advance to final four FGCU is in this bracket but could get beat by norths four seed. Pool D another weak bracket would be number one seed Iowa St being beat by north number three Aquinas. For the last few years the north and the atlantics auto bids have been the strongest why not separate the top two seeds to avoid playing in pool play. Until the pacific and the south get stronger have the Atlantic and the North top two teams separated.

I figured they pulled out. That’s a shame, I thought they were gonna make a run. Excited to see where this takes them though. Empire looking good with SCSU, Fairfield, Farm, QU and now Albany looking like they’re starting to put the pieces back together. DVCHC is screwed moving forward

Agree, Acha did a great job with this video. They should do a follow up breaking down the pools at nationals/predictions!

Agree I think Atlantic gets the shaft again, and it’s a shame QU had to back out, but that was a classy move on their part.

@HockeyDreamer don’t see Bryn Athyn , Farmingdale, or Iowa state.

Bryn Athyn: pretty slow, goalie and d are weak,small and weak. I personally think it the weakest team they have had since make the surge to the top. They are the weakest 1 imo.

Farmingdale: best talented team in the Altantic. Physical but they get inthere own way. They can score but I don’t think they can keep the puck out. Bad D and subpar goalies. Don’t see them beating Calvin.

Iowa state- the pacific is pretty much d4.

All north teams again and I have Oakland winning it all.

Demon I agree all north teams. Oakland though lost Rosales and they actually ended the year tying Michigan State and losing to Michigan. Think both Calvin and Aquinas can beat them this year at nationals the fourth spot comes down to Hope, Adrian Gold or Grand Valley State. I think Bryn Athyn gives Oakland all they can handle in pool play though. Don’t know which pool plays each other in the semis but hoping for a Calvin versus Aquinas final.

It will be hysterical for the D3 Finals to feature two teams fully funded, one with a Canadian pipeline, who are both going D1 next year!

I think each pool should be regional based, ensuring intense regional battles on a national stage. Now you guarantee that each region is represented in the semi-finals, may the best team win. If it’s the North, so be it, but you keep more people around for the tournament if each region is represented in the semi’s, which is better for business, not to mention, it increases the chances of the Atlantic, South or Pacific having a shot to win, which is better for business. Especially since there are more teams not in Michigan, then in Michigan…

I’ll like this format when the SEC sends 4 teams to the BCS playoffs… That’s right they can’t… There’s a reason why… It’s not good for business!

Just Saying…