D3 Nationals Updates

What are your thoughts after day 1?

Pool A:
Looks like FGCU isn’t overrated after all?
The once mighty Adrian couldn’t handle FGCU juggernaut offense and stout D

Pool B:
Going to come down to BA Vs Oakland, as everyone expected

Pool C:
By far the weakest pool besides Calvin. Should be a cakewalk…

Pool D:
Game today ISU vs Aquinas will determine the pool, as expected.

What is everyones thoughts?

Here’s my take:
Pool A - FGCU looked very good against a very tough Adrian team, nice game to watch. I see them coming out of pool A.

Pool B - I didn’t think BA looked sharp against Missouri State. They really stepped it up today and their goalie looked very good, solid in net. Should be a war tomorrow, but if he plays like that again, I got BA coming out of pool B.

Pool C - Don’t overlook Colorado State! Should be a good game tonight vs. Calvin. They beat Calvin, they win the pool with a game left against fourth seed.

Pool D - Don’t know who won the ISU vs Aquinas game yet, last I heard was 4-3 Aquinas. If Aquinas wins, they win pool D.