Empire Classic results

Fairfield 6
Ramapo 1

Did not see a blowout in that game coming.

Rest of first day of Empire Classic

Farmingdale 7
Fordham 1 Goalie kept them in as long as he could, 3-0 in the third

Pitt 3
Delaware 2 Delaware not playing well right now

CAL 2 Cal in the box most of the game. GMU not impressing this year at all

Hofstra 4
SCSU 1 SCSU 1-10 this year must of graduated a ton last year

Rowan 9
RMU 3 Need to see Rowan beat a top team still. RMU is terrible

Quinnipiac 12
Suffolk CC 5 Suffolk is terrible

I remember when this tourney was good team after good team. With CAL Pitt RMU all struggling, not a lot of must see matchups. Farmingdale/Mason on Sunday only other game of interest

Second day update

Like I said Fordham goalie very good and George Mason very beatable.

Fordham 4
George Mason 2

Fairfield 7
Hofstra 2

Ramapo 3
Delaware 2 shootout 9 rounds. Wow

Farmingdale 12
CAL 0 Wow how the mighty have fallen

Rowan 7
Suffolk CC 3

Quinnipiac 5

Fairfield 5
Pitt 1

Third and final day results

Hofstra 3

Quinnipiac 2
Rowan 1

Again Rowan loses to a decent team not even an elite team, they need a statement win to move up into the top group discussion. For now it’s still Farmingdale, Fairfield and Ramapo. Then Mason,Quinnipiac,Fordham,Rowan that’s your top seven. IUP, Delaware,Coast Guard should be 8-10 in some order

Farmingdale 7
George Mason 4

Fordham 4

Fairfield 1
Delaware 0

I guess Delaware proved me wrong losing to Fairfield by 1 and lost to Ramapo in a 9 round shootout. Way to come back. Maybe they have righted the ship

Ramapo 7
Pitt 3

Pitt led 3-0 after one period. Kind of worried about defense and goaltending for Ramapo. Gave up 6 and 7 goals to Fairfield and 10 goals to Farmingdale. I have them third. Mason is much weaker this year no depth. Quinnipiac weaker this year also.