Final D-2 Nationals Ranking

So I’m pretty sure this is where everyone finished after Nationals. Feel free to correct me.

  1. NYU
  2. Liberty
  3. Grand Valley State
  4. Miami
  5. Lindenwood-Belleville
  6. Florida Gulf Coast
  7. RPI
  8. William Paterson
  9. Williston State
  10. UNLV
  11. Keene Sate
  12. Lindenwood
  13. Utah State
  14. Aurora
  15. Ohio
  16. Northern Arizona

How did you decide between ties? There was no 3rd place game between GVSU and Miami that I know of. Is the rest just based on points earned in group play?

I believe it is based on the tiebreaker scenarios listed on the ACHA Nationals site.

-Head to head
-Number of wins
-Fewest goals against in all tournament games
-Goal differential in all tournament games

  1. NYU
  2. Liberty
  3. Grand Valley
  4. Miami
  5. William Paterson
  6. LU-Belleville
  7. FGCU
  8. Williston St
  9. RPI
  10. UNLV
  11. Keene St.
  12. Lindenwood
  13. Utah St.
  14. Aurora
  15. Ohio
  16. N.Arizona

Which region was best represented? NE or SE? The West definitely was the worst.


  1. NYU (NE2)
  2. William Paterson (NE1)
  3. RPI (NE4)
  4. Keene Sate (NE3)

2. Liberty (SE2)
4. Miami (SE3)
7. Florida Gulf Coast (SE1)
15. Ohio (SE4)

3. Grand Valley State (C2)
6. Lindenwood-Belleville (C1)
12. Lindenwood (C4)
14. Aurora (C3)

8. Williston State (W1)
10. UNLV (W3)
13. Utah State (W4)
16. Northern Arizona (W2)

Correct Batman. But PTS come first. That’s why LU-B is 5th and FGCU is 6th.

As a Liberty fan, congratulations to NYU! While I understand how the posted 1-16 ranking were determined, the competition/caliber of play in pool was C was incredible! GV is a great program having faced them at national’s now for a couple of years. Williston & Keene were great teams (any given day…). Point is that games I watched, all had a legitimate shot to make a run - glad I was in Columbus…