George Mason Home Cooking

This now is ridiculous. Two games in a row at home George Mason has gotten a power play in the final 1:45 of the game on very questionable calls. They have scored with 1 second left to beat Rowan after also getting a 5 on 3 goal on two more very questionable calls and now Delaware getting ready to pull off the major upset gets called for a penalty with 1:45 to go and George Mason scores with 7 seconds to go to force overtime. These calls are never made in the last two minutes of a game unless they are blatant penalties which neither were. George Mason is a very good team and doesn’t need help from home ice officials. Any team traveling the 3 1/2 hours to play them be prepared to get screwed in the last two minutes. Do not touch them, get near them, or breathe on them if your tied or ahead in the last two minutes. Let the boys decide the game not the stinking refs. Back to back home games this happening is not a coincidence it’s a trend.

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We’re u at the games or just speculating?

Was at the Rowan game absolutely brutal call, also the penalty that gave them the 5 on 3 was weak and they scored on that too. that was the difference in a 3-2 game. Spoke with Delaware head coach who was fuming over the call also said they were getting horrible calls against them all game.Of course George Mason pulls goalie to go 6 on 4 and bang 7 sevens left tie game.Two games in a row road team gets a penalty in last 1:45 of game to give the home team a power play to tie or win the game. Hard to believe and I don’t want to hear stop the crying. this is bullshit

Well, since you said “I don’t want to hear stop crying”, I guess that’s off the table?? ((IDK, sounds like sour Rowan fan/coach)) maybe ask the Delaware coach why they didn’t score on the 2v1 with an empty net…

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The problem is these teams shouldn’t be shorthanded to finish the game in the first place. Since you were there do you think those two penalties should of been called? Honest opinion

I wasn’t at the game. Just heard via Delaware players that they missed a 2v1 opportunity with the goalie pulled that they should’ve converted on. So I’m not sure whether the penalties were warrented or not.

Def sounds like some sour grapes, late penalties are always tough calls tho

Anyone know what the actual calls were against Udel? I agree, late penalties really shouldn’t be called unless they’re incredibly bad and blatant.

Is this a real topic of discussion ?

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