I-95 Collegiate Hockey Conference

The ACHA today announced the following:

I-95 COLLEGIATE HOCKEY CONFERENCE - Some leagues within the Atlantic Region have made the decision to leave the ACHA for a different organization. As a result, the ACHA is excited to formally announce the I-95 Collegiate Hockey Conference. This league is being created specifically for those M2 & M3 teams in the Atlantic Region that wish to remain in the ACHA as their conference departs. Former IUP coach and current Chair of the ACHA Hall of Fame committee Sam Kelly will be the commissioner of this league. Please see attached document that has been sent out to ACHA members of leagues that have chosen to depart.

Does someone have a copy of the referenced “attached document” the ACHA sent to departing members and post it to this topic?

I’ve talked to 6 different people and while some seem to know what has transpired with both the ACHA and the CHF, no one seems sure what individual teams/leagues are doing or what is best for the teams themselves.
My take away is many teams are going to be caught in the cross-fire.

Are there any confirmed teams for this new I-95 league?

I’ve heard both sides of the ACHA/CHF argument. We’re staying with the ACHA.