Incoming Players

Curious to see or hear if any schools brought in players for second semester to try and make a run at nationals?

Calvin brought in some more Canadians on religious grant

Terrance Johnson is coming back from his professional career to give BA one last chance at achieving eternal greatness by winning the ACHA D3 National Championship before moving onto the NCAA.

In all seriousness…

Farmingdale is getting #9 from Neumann and added another who played for them second semester last season.

I haven’t heard anything about BA but nothing would surprise me at this point.

Rowan got 1 of their top 6 forwards back from last season.

Farmingdale may be the team to beat, idk but what I don’t like to see is an 18-0 score that they beat RMU by last weekend. That’s a disgrace, stop scoring after 12, there’s no need to run it up to 18. You guys only proved that your a classless organization by pulling something like that. I hope it made you guys feel good!

After looking at this post and looking at the new ranking system for next year.

Farmingdale received negative points on my hockey ranking by winning 18-0. With the new ranking system for next season, that could be the difference between 1st and 2nd

Looks like they needed to put up more

****Positive +/- numbers mean the team did better than expected and “helped” its rating. Games with negative numbers mean the team performed worse than expected.

So the rich get richer. Farmingdale adds a guy that scored 17 goals in only 14 games last year and Rowan adds a 7 goal in 27 games scorer, top six forward? The gap widens. Tomorrow nights game between Farmingdale and Fairfield is a huge revenge game for Farmingdale. Losing to them last month seems to have really woken them up but 18-0 is really classless I have to agree.

What’s worse, 18 goals against or 12, with pass around for a period? Maybe they should have put all the defense up, and all the forwards back… Come on with that classless stuff. Nobody wants to see an 18 hung up on anybody, but who’s at fault for that number, the team scoring or the team defending? And if you are that concerned with that, you better pray that the computer rankings reduce the need to cover some secret goal differential to get full credit for a win, or you’re going to see football scores next season.

Are any of these additions or subtractions significant enough to impact rankings?

18 is worse than 12 come on Fries. But, if there is going to be some type of bs you’re speaking of with the computer rankings, sure score away. But until then, geez

You’re right the kid from Rowan stinks and but does give them the slightest bit more depth which they could use.

Regionals is going to come down to CAL, Fairfield, Rowan and SCSU. 2 of them should advance through.

What happened to the Atlantic. We are in a really down year.

The computer stops counting after 7 goals (See e.g. M1 and M2). So scoring 18 is unnecessary, ergo classless.

If a top team needs more than 7 goals to get a positive ranking against a weaker team then they never should have scheduled that game in the first place.

So if that’s the case, then attending showcases and playing certain teams could end up being pointless.

Not to mention the fact that if a team is on your schedule and no matter the outcome of that game you automatically lose rating should not be the case.

What ever happened too # 22 on BA? Wasn’t he a game changer last year? And now I don’t see him playing more than 4 games.

Benders, I believe you are talking about Kyle Jennings. He suffered a bad knee injury against Temple the first game they played back on October 23rd. He will not be back this season. He is a very good player, a definite loss. He will be back next season.
Last night’s score, Bryn Athyn 12 West Virginia 0

Ok, let us all back up and revisit my humorous attempt to make an actual point. I do not believe that it is the responsibility of a stronger team, to stop themselves from performing, its up to their opponent!

As a player I’ve been on the receiving end of some lopsided losses in multiple sports. It’s not a good feeling, but I never wanted anybody’s pity, it was our job to stop them, and if I didn’t put a 100% into that task, then it was on me, not the other team.

I just can’t stand the self righteous people who throw out words like “classless”, or “goons” at teams. People come on here and rip BA, for what being a great team. They rip Farmingdale because of their physicality and people don’t like the style. This is a collision sport, that requires a certain level skill, talent, physicality, toughness and preparation. Last I checked, they don’t give out a Sportsmanship Award to the National Champion.

And I would encourage you to look at the MyHockeyRankings for M3, not M1 or M2. Click on team, check their schedule and then click on the math tab. You’ll see how the scores for games are valued based on AGD. You’d be surprised at what the computer rankings as currently constituted for M3 expected for some games. That is also the reason 2/3 of the South and Pacific are nationally ranked in the top 15. Because the disparity of the teams is so great you get football scores all the time.

Weekend scores?

Sunday - Bryn Athyn 9 George Mason 1

Sunday-- SCSU 2, Fairfield U 1. Anyone still think SCSU doesn’t deserve a top 4 spot?

Rankings next week

Bryn Athyn

Everyone else is not even close so why bother rounding out the top ten.
Quinnipiac has beaten Fairfield twice but their schedule leaves a lot to be desired. Their schedule says they only play 14 games this year.

I agree Dreamer, but QU Deserves top 10, anyone who has seen them play and has seen who they are up against for the bottom of the top 10 would strongly agree…

George Mason?

Quinnipiac’s schedule is good enough… They play 6 games against top 5/6 teams, and have wins against them. They’re good enough to be in the top 10 easy. They’re starting goalie just got called up to the D1 big boy team.

Still don’t know how CAL is holding the 3 spot. They haven’t played a meaningful game since the Classic, and they’re next game of meaning is BA this weekend.

I wish Southern played Rowan, and CAL played Fairfield, I think those would be great games.

easy there lucky fries. QUs backup got fostered to the D1 team because their third string got injured. He doesn’t even practice with that team. I’m assuming it’s temporary too.