Let’s play hockey


What are the chances we have ACHA season this year?

Have you seen any cancellations? I have not

We’ll see soon

Will the ACHA still pay their executives the same amount? Nervous…?

True. Lots of questions because of the pandemic. Will universities be able to help fund programs? Will rinks survive? Will we be able to pay referees? Will classes be all online? Lots of questions that nobody can really answer. Just have to take it day by day, and try your best not to spread this more so we can all go back to arguing about rankings.

How many of Crown Jewels of ACHA that have multiple teams will be open without students on campus for a year?

ACHA people went silent. Must be nervous.

If ncaa d2 and D3 teams can’t play until January, you think they will let the club teams travel all over?

Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference - 23 ncaa d2 schools, done till January 1st

It’s not just the ACHA. There is uncertainty around the entire hockey world. You state the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference is done until January first, from that I count 6 ACHA programs and 4 CHF programs that would be affected. If hockey is not played for the rest of 2020, how to we expect the referees to stay sharp as well?

You really think the ACHA is playing in 2020? Think about it, for example, slippery rocks d2 team is not playing till January, you think the school will let the ACHA team will play?

How many d1, d2, d3, and naia schools have cancelled? ACHA do the right thing

I do not think the ACHA will play in 2020. It’s only July, seasons do not normally start until September. So there is still time, nothing wrong with cancelling the day before.

Make sure the executives get paid and Europe trip is all set up too. Can’t have the ACHA without the executives making money. Eye roll

By the way, didn’t everyone give the CHF a hard time about playing through a pandemic? Now, ncaa and naia conferences are cancelling and ACHA hasn’t cancelled yet.

No students on campus, no games.

The CHF also has not cancelled anything

And your point…


I mean good on them for cancelling things. It’s all about player safety. June 13th is a lot different then July 28.