Let the games begin

What’s the good word D3?

BAC then everyone else

Still can’t figure out how they are doing it. They will get caught one day, and end up like Wagner

Doesn’t hurt when you have one of the richest communities in the country funding their sports programs.

I’m going to see if the Church of Scientology is interested in sponsoring a team. They have big dough too…

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Bryn Athyn college will be announcing they are moving NCAA D3. Rumors have been flying around that they will be dumping money into the rink. They fired the old assistant coach who is rumored to be moving to PSUB bench now. It seems like they are going to be doing different this year.

In the Atlantic region I am hearing Farmingdale will be the team to beat. They have multiple transfers from Neumann (hired this directly from NU head coach).

Not entirely sure how true that is, when did you hear this?

I’m sure the little school with the NCAA talks in the works used that for some solid recruiting as well

Well I just deleted my post accidentally… Oh well…

If BA is one season from NCAA D3… Their recruiting class should be unreal, meaning that they should be putting an elite ACHA D1 level squad out on the sheet, and it shoud be at D1 to prepare them for that level of competition. That’s awesome for their program, but if that rumor is true and they’re going club 3 to NCAA D3, that’s a joke! Unless Farmingdale got players from Neumann’s NCAA team, Bryn Athyn will be the team to beat every year in the Atlantic until they lose funding.

Ha Ha! I win…

In all honest who knows with Bryn Athyn College. Moving to this upcoming season lucky what do you see in the top 10? Any new teams making that push? Can a Atlantic team compete with the north finally?

Bryn Athyn plays Farmingdale 5x in the regular season, should be very interesting!

NU and Farm flopping players back and forth like it’s going out of style. I don’t see why any of the NU roller bros would go back to Long Island when they’re the 2 time defending inline champs. New flash: none of the roller bros give a crap about ice hockey.

In years past, the roller bros made for a very great topic during the regular season but it has been much of the same in the post season. Seasons come together and they always choose roller.

I can see it being somewhat different for Farmingdale bc they already have a ton of depth and adding a few roller bros will propel them back into the auto-bid where roller bros won’t need to show for regionals. See now that’s a plan I can get behind.

If rumors are true about NU, I am hoping this will finally be the end of the Knights run as a perennial contender. They’ve gotten way to lucky in the past w/ stumbling on drop downs and getting quality players to transfer based on their roller hockey team.

If Rumors are true about BAC, good for them. They paid their way into an NCAA hockey team in 5 years. Better enclose the Junge, the real Neumann Knights won’t play you in your horse barn. Can’t wait to see BAC’s recruiting class as well as that 2015-2016 DVCHC Championship Banner in the rafters.

BAC and Farmingdale both have their roster’s posted on the acha website… BAC got a few kids but I don’t think it is as impressive as last year’s. But #8 is NOT on their roster, another big scorer gone missing?

Farmingdale looks to have gotten a few of the strong players from Suffolk County’s team… But no Tardino or the Markopolopous brothers…

Of course Neumann hasn’t posted a roster yet, but Farmingdale didn’t have any of their roller bro’s on the their roster so idk if that was just smoke blowing?

It kinda looks like Farmingdale has taken a step backwards? I think BAC is still #1 team in the region but I don’t think they’ll be back in the final 4 again this season.

I think the team that jumps up most this year is Southern Connecticut.

It’s September 15th…I wouldn’t troll websites and rosters too hard right now…

Baa you can’t tell how teams will be based off their roster on paper. Get a life kid.

Just looked up 8 from BA last year he scored only against weaker teams. BA returns it looks like 8 out 10 top scores from last season. Their issue at nationals was their goalie he was clearly the weak link. If they can solve they we all know they can score.

Baa roster right now are getting entered as the players register so I wouldn’t consider it to be teams final rosters yet since the players take their time registering.

Tbe Atlantic will come down to the 5 games between farm/ba. I predict a total bloodbath between the two teams.

AD_23 you’re the one throwing rumors around about different programs so I’m just looking into them. If you haven’t been able to tell in the past, yeah I don’t have a life. ACHA is life boys! That’s why we all post and followed 101 to this.

I don’t believe the Atlantic comes down to those 5 games, I already think BAC is the #1 team in this region and I don’t think it’s close. I think Farm is going to take a step back b/c they won’t be able to score as much as last year with or w/o the roller bro’s. They will be in a war w/ Fairfield and maybe even SCSU for that 2nd Auto-Bid.

Rumors again about the little school getting transfers. I am hearing William Patterson, Penn state, Boston NCAA school, and the latest (source told me directly) a big time player from FGCU is heading BA. What’s swirling in the wind over there?

Demon, they did get players from William Patterson, Merrimack and Penn State, no word about Boston or FGCU. Goalie Tim Browne from Penn State is looking to be a big addition to BA.