M2 Rankings Prediction by Region?

Since the M2 rankings are scheduled to be out a week from today. Any predictions on what the rankings will look for each region?

Only really follow the Southeast here… Should be interesting. Some teams that have great records have played weaker teams (see U of Cincinnati, UPenn). Going to say it’ll look something like this:

Penn State
Ohio State
Miami (OH)

Really a toss up over there.

Northeast will have WPU and Umass as the top two for sure. The rest is another toss up. I’m unfamiliar with the other two regions.

  1. PSU
  2. Miami
  3. Toledo
  4. FGCU
  5. Liberty

That’s my top 5. After that it really is a toss up. Any of those teams could end up between 6 and 16.

Should probably throw Louisville and Army in with the teams above. Even Virginia Tech or George Washington could make an appearance.

2 umass
3 Keene
4 northeastern
5 unh
6 BC
8 BU
9 ECSU/sacred heart
10 sacred heart/ECSU


Oops, forgot Marist
I’d put them in one ahead of RPI since the just beat them

Hard to estimate the computer, but here is my best guess for the Central:

  1. Trine
  2. Aurora
  3. McKendree
  4. Grand Valley
  5. St. Louis
  6. Michigan
  7. Lindenwood
  8. Adrian
  9. Marian
  10. Michigan State
  11. Iowa State
  12. Wisconsin

Next 5 (Not In Order): Bethel, Min St. Mankato, Davenport, DePaul, Marquette


  1. NAU
  2. UNC
  3. USU
  4. Denver
  5. Weber State
  6. MSU Denver
  7. Boise State
  8. San Diego State
  9. Williston State
  10. One of the Texas teams
  11. Wyoming
  12. Arizona State

Forgot BYU, I could see them somewhere between 10-12

Please help me understand why everyone is placing San Diego this high?
They have yet to play a decent game against anyone else listed in this post. Don’t get me wrong - they are a fine club, but #8 ?
All their high scoring games are versus much lower rated teams and their Strength of Schedule is #29 on MHR :confused:

Everyone? You mean me? Cause I understand how the computer works and a team that is 13-1-1 with some large margins of victory the computer is going to like. And it looks like I was right, computer has them at 7. So…

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:slight_smile:Watson” I got it, AGD rules!!! Note to all coaches - schedule more games against SRJC! (With all respect due to current hardships of that club)

Merely reflecting current standings takes the fun away from predictions, any counterarguments to my initial thoughts, about the games vs better teams?

Please tell me you don’t find it peculiar that much regarded computer placed Weber 4 spots behind SDSU?

Not really, that’s why I had SDSU at 8 with a record of 13-1-1 and not in the top 3. Tell me who the best team in California is. I have no idea. Haven’t seen one game all year. I know the Colorado teams and some of the Utah ones at this point in the season. Someone asked for predictions, and I took 5 minutes and took a stab at it. I was not breaking down SDSU cryptic tweets and box scores to try to prove some sort of SDSU hypothesis. You are correct in that AGD will boost a team higher than they should be. I decent example of that last year would of been UTEP. Not saying UTEP didn’t deserve to make regionals, but they were just a team with a gaudy record without much strength of schedule, similar to SDSU at this point.

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“…Tell me who the best team in California is. I have no idea…”

Honest answer is no one knows – this year parity is everywhere. On any given Saturday any team could beat another. Although when Friday night traffic is involved - traveling team is more likely to lose.

Too many teams, and referees are often driving 50+ miles for the game; with that the reffing crew has their own current or former (self’s, kids, nephews…) affiliation with rink and/or nearby college – this may affect games in a weird ways as well.

I wish PAC and WCHC would have their California Super-game (or series) to figure out the best team every season. Winner of it may be a good auto-bid candidate.