National and Regional proceedures

Is this going to work the same as last year with the top 2 seeds getting auto bids to Nationals? Will there still be twelve teams going to regionals and will each conference champ get an auto-bid to regionals?.

M2 provides for the same format as last season. Top 2 teams receive an invitation to the National Tournament Festival in Columbus, Ohio, The next 10 teams (3-12) will be invited to Regionals, UNLESS bumped by a conference auto-bid.

Thank you for your question and your interest in the ACHA.

Isn’t it the next 8 teams (3-10) that go to regionals?

It’s 3-12 but the 11th and 12th seeds have to do a play-in game against the 10th and 9th seeds, respectively, I think.

last year the conference champs were ranked so in the Southeast Princeton got the auto bid for the CSCHC and North Carolina State got one for the ACC. in the Northeast East Rutgers got one for the Great Northeast Collegiate Hockey Conference with the teams that left the Conference with this Conference still get an Auto-bid or will it be the top 12 ranked teams since the champion from the sechl and Necha will most likely be ranked