Nationals Are Set

Sheriff, looks like the last Rankings were pretty spot on, It would be nice to see what the computer ranking % was? I believe the only teams outside of the top 4 in each region were #5 Lindenwood from the Central, #6 Ohio from the Southeast, and #6 RPI from the Northeast making it in. 2 #3 teams get knocked out and 1 #4. I would have to say they work.

Agree with Ripster, it looks like the new computer rankings worked great. The LU and Ohio are “upsets” in the seeding but they beat teams that may have been slightly over-ranked. Northeast has a lot of parity so not a shock that RPI got their program’s first bid to D2 Nattys!

The ACHA has done a ton to continue building a great brand, a few points for the future- Have more broadcasts of regionals, the Southeast had great broadcasts but the other regions were hit and miss based on the individual teams.

Also the ACHA D3 Twitter was great a pumping out period scores and final updates while the ACHA D2 Twitter hasn’t posted since just after the Reveal Show. Also along with that, the main ACHA Twitter is really bad at tweeting out posts about articles without the links, like:

Yes, I know it takes work, time, people and money but the NCAA Hockey Twitter (@NCAAIceHockey) is great at posting catching stories, use of graphics, and reliable with consistent posting habits.