No Comments on the Classic

Some of the most competitive games in recent history and nobody has anything to say?

Friday scores

University of Maryland 4 - UPJ 3

Quinnipiac University 3 - UDelaware 2

GMU 15 - Penn State University Behrend 3

SCSU 5 -Suffolk Community College 2

Stockton University 4 - Fredonia State University 3

Farmingdale State College 8 - RMU 0

Rowan University 5 - Cal U 2

Saturday scores

Quinnipiac University 5 - University of Maryland 2

Suffolk Community College 3 - Penn State Behrend 1

Fordham University 4 - Fredonia State University 3

Fairfield University 4 (OT) - GMU 3

Stockton University 4 (OT) - SCSU 3

UPJ 4 - UDelaware 1

Farmingdale State 4 - Cal U 2

Rowan University 9 - RMU 1

Anyone who was there or from the scores got any big winners and losers from the weekend? Anything new to look at?

Great weekend for the Empire teams. Farmingdale playing strong dominant hockey as usual. Fairfield avoiding a close one vs GMU- heard it was a great game but otherwise great weekend for FU and way to battle back in that one. Feel like they will be our top two come year end as previously mentioned. QU undefeated if I’m not mistaken and 1 loss for SCSU. Not bad for the emp.

Not a great weekend for George Mason. From what I’ve gathered they don’t run deep. Seems to have caught up too them with Fairfield and Suffolk wearing them down and finally putting them away late in the game. I don’t know much about them but just what I’ve gathered. Otherwise should still make a strong run - as we’ve seen in the past sometimes one guy and a tendy is all you need to make it.

Sounds like a good competitive weekend congrats to all. Looking forward to Wed’s rankings

Maybe the chatter is weak because there is no longer a ranking committee. What I mean by that is, no one seems to be arguing for their positioning in the ranks. But I agree it would be nice to see what some people have to say and what they think about certain teams.

Looks like GMU only had 14 skaters for that game against Suffolk County CC. Those are good numbers for beer league, not for college, especially in the third game of a three game weekend.

GMU has had a short bench all year. According to their Twitter though they are adding 3 players for next semester two transfers and last years captain who is a high scoring defenseman. Best game like I predicted was Fairfield/GMU. GMU up 3-0 with seven minutes left gave up three goals, the last one a shorthanded goal with less than a minute to go. Empire teams are strong. CHE is weak this year. Looks like the four empire teams along with GMU and Rowan make up your top six right now

Fries were you down there again this year? What are your thoughts… computers aside whose your top 10?

A lot of learning happened this weekend. Here are some of my ideas and the top 16 as I see it…

  1. There are more competitive teams in the region than people realize. People have to let go of ranking committee philosophy and play more games outside their comfort zone.

  2. The parity is tremendous! I think that virtually anybody can beat anybody. There are a few teams that are a little deeper and perhaps more skilled, but the overwhelming majority of the top 20 can play with each other any day of the week.

  3. If you don’t play 3 game weekends, you can’t compete at Nationals… Yes, the cost is prohibitive, but any team that wishes to truly compete at Nationals has to expose themselves to the wear, tear, and emotions of 180 minutes of hockey in a 72-hour stretch. To win a National Championship you have to pull off 270 minutes of hockey in 120 hours and win 5 straight.

Ok, my educated opinion… Before I start, 3,4,5 is splitting hairs,… 6,7 same thing… 8-12 is going to be razor close. Somebody’s getting closed out by less than a point…, whoever can be the most consistent will finish in the top 10.

  1. Farm
  2. Fair
  3. Rowan
  4. Quinnipiac
  5. George Mason
  6. CAL
  7. Sout
  8. UPJ
  9. Fordham
  10. Delaware
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League is a joke

You’re a joke “Jäger Meister” some of the most competitive games i’ve seen out of the atlantic in years…

Lets just say Suffolk Community, Fordham, and Rampao are ranked in the top 15. They can make their own division called “The Deaf Dumb and Blind division.”

3 good programs who are making a name for themselves. those kids are working hard while you’re sitting at you’re computer wishing you had half the skill while your drink your jager… really mature mr. meister93

Spot on. Based on your grammar and punctuation your probably from Suffolk Community. Thumbs up!

you’re* you stupid idiot. Don’t come on here throwing shade at teams when you probably played rec league hockey your whole life you bum