Offical CHF Team List

Albany College Pharmacy
Alfred State
American University
Appalachian State Univ
Bloomsburg Univ.
Bucknell Univ.
Buffalo State University
Canisius College
Catholic University
Charleston Univ
Coastal Carolina Univ
Dickinson College
East Carolina Univ
East Stroudsburg
ELON Univ.
Franklin & Marshall
Gannon University
Georgetown Univ.
George Washington Univ.
Gettysburg Univ.
Hamilton College
High Point Univ
Hofstra Univ.
Ithaca College
James Madison Univ.
Johns Hopkins
Kutztown Univ.
Lafayette College
La Salle Univ.
Loyola U. Maryland
Mass Maritime
Medaille College
Messiah College
Mount St. Mary’s
NC State
Neumann Univ.
Onondaga CC
Paul Smiths College
Penn State Behrend
Penn. State Harrisburg
Quinnipiac Brave
Ramapo College
Rowan Univ.
Saint Lawrence University
Salisbury U. American Team
Salisbury U. National Team
S. Connecticut
St Bonaventure University
St John Fisher
St. Joseph’s Univ.
Stockton Univ.
Stony Brook
SUNY Brockport
SUNY Fredonia
SUNY Geneseo
Susquehanna Univ.
U Maryland Baltimore Co.
UNC Charlotte Univ.
UNC Wilmington
Union College
University at Buffalo
University of Rochester
U of Delaware
U of Maryland
U. of Virginia
US Naval Academy
Virginia Tech
Wake Forest Univ
York College

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Interesting list- might want to double check your sources though as OnondagaCC no longer has a hockey program and I don’t think St Lawrence does either

This is not accurate whatsoever. NC State is not part of the CHF.

Take another look, teams are listed on CHF site.

Are the ACCHL team enrolled in both the CHF and ACHA? Also if you take a look at the ACCHL Wikipedia page, the ACCHL division was updated from ACHA to Non-NCAA Collegiate Ice Hockey.
Lots of questions now.

We have noticed and we know they have a page for us. We wish for the CHF to have a great year and continue to build to grow the game. Be it ACHA Hockey or CHF hockey, any entity that is looking to give more kids the chance to play on the collegiate level should be rooted for. Our stance is we are part of the ACCHL D2 League and the ACHA.

NC State is competing for an ACCHL title and an ACHA Southeast regional bid with our goal of getting back to ACHA nationals. What appears on what sites we are not worried about. We just had a great weekend of hockey, for which we were grateful to have been included in. Now we are onto Stevenson and looking forward to a great game with another program that is on a positive trajectory.

I clicked on the link. My question is what that mistake on purpose to deceive people or on accident? Which one are these players registering to, AAU or USA Hockey?


You can unequivocally remove the following SEVEN teams from your list. 100% inaccurate.

American University
Appalachian State Univ
Charleston Univ
Coastal Carolina Univ
East Carolina Univ
High Point Univ

Someone is too invested into ACHA? Money? Like golfing in fla on college kids dimes or trips to Europe? Which one is it?

CHF players can register under either USA hockey or AAU. AAU is cheaper and is a larger program and has been very helpful to the CHF. USA hockey was not allowing CHF players register because Ashley Bevin, who is a USA hockey rep was put on the board of directors of the ACHA and wanted to do everything he could to have the CHF fail. It did not work.

Would be interesting to see how much the ACHA spent to send the D2 team to Russia to play 3 games.

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USA hockey was not allowing CHF players register because Ashley Bevin, who is a USA hockey rep was put on the board of directors of the ACHA and wanted to do everything he could to have the CHF fail.

November and so far nothing has happened to prove anyone’s skepticism wrong. In fact as much as people want to chirp about what the ACHA is allegedly doing we have no idea how many teams are really in CHF. Why do I say that? Because their “official” list is posted here and immediately teams are saying we are not part of CHF. Like I originally said this is about adults ego’s. But turd vs the douche comment upset who? Ego’s of adults. So far there is NOTHING that shows this is more about the players.

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