Pacific early season thoughts so far?

Anyone have any early season thoughts… suprise so far,
Top 5 teams, big games coming up etc…

Good luck to Marquette tonight looking for the weekend sweep @ Northwestern.
Let’s go

Marquette, Colorado State, Iowa State… Nebraska?? No particular order there but with Metro moving to D2 those three seem like the top dogs this year. Air Force looks like they are playing good hockey right now but we’ll see how they go down the stretch. NAU fell off the map, went 0-3 and got outscored 29-5 by CSU and Air Force this past weekend.

I know CSU has games against Northern Colorado (D2) and Metro coming up and their annual trip to Michigan. Play Hope, Aquinas, Calvin, and Michigan State in a 4 game stretch. Should be interesting to see how that trip plays out. Playing 3 power houses and Sparty, who is only one year removed from a title, will be a good test.

It’s too bad Marquette dropped out of Clash because that would have been a fun game with a potential 1 vs 2 matchup. Only comparison we’re really going to get is both teams have 2 games against University of Michigan.

Iowa State doesn’t really play anyone, Nebraska and a couple D2 teams, strength of schedule could be a problem for a few teams if they don’t win out.

Seems to me the top spots are open for a select few, only time will tell…

Yeah, I deff agree with your top 4 - I’d probably throw Missouri State in there at this point before Nebraska… Colorado State just plays a brutal schedule, with the quality of teams they are playing they should deff be primed come regionals & nationals…
I think the Pacific overall this year has alot of parity, after the top 4 or 5 teams- it’s like anyone can beat anyone on any given night…
Was deff a huge disappointment Marquette having to drop out of Clash of Corn Tourney. The teams in that tourney are all quality teams, even host school Dordt College usually hangs pretty tough & is at least competitive. Marquette beat Colorado State last year in that tourney, Would have been a huge game with the possibility of the top 2 teams squaring off in that tourney.
Marquette had to back out to make sure they had enough funds for their trip to Vanderbilt later in the season.