Problems With Broadcast!

Is anyone else having problems trying to view the games on Go Live Sports Cast? This is horrible! Livestream was so much better last year! I’m getting “error loading” “media files not found” etc.

Yes, Tweet from ACHA at ~noon on Saturday:

Technical issues continue to affect this morning’s internet broadcast. We appreciate your patience as we address the problems.

Still not working 2hrs after that tweet.

After reviewing the GoLiveSportsCast code on the page where the video is supposed to play, I can see they’re using a bunch of deprecated and obsolete code that will not run in any Webkit-based web browser (Chrome, FireFox, Safari).

The feed works in Internet Explorer. Is this not 2017?


I have encountered problems each day of the broadcasts. Almost spending more time refreshing and waiting than watching the games. When it’s running the various camera angles and replays are pretty good.

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Are there issues with the D3 broadcast today?

Yes. Getting nothing. This is ridiculous. The biggest event in the ACHA and this is an embarrassment.

Is this a pay or free?

Free. But it’s useless, I’d rather pay and get a decent product.

Ok I thought I was doing something wrong. This is redicilous.

Yes. Tried numerous browsers. Nothing is working. Terrible.

Thank you. What is the exact website?

@Sheriff way to go! Stop worrying so much about your D1 and get the entire event in order. You are failing right now and you went around boasting about how great of an event this would be.

Pretty lackluster - no fan control, small locker room, no pro shop, viewing area is brutal, and no stream.

Nice work @Sheriff

Interesting post. I didn’t realize it was the ACHA that is actually doing the streaming. I get that it’s the ACHA’s event but your post is like blaming the guy that painted the fence red instead of white when he was only given red paint.

Perfect example of how the acha works. Well it’s not my problem no accountability! Own your issues.

@atlantic_demon23, I totally forgot, calling people out on internet boards gets stuff done. Ive watched 4 games with very minimal buffering, no problems here.

The video is not being delivered by the ACHA. I am sorry you choose not to grasp such a basic concept. What exact issues are you wanting the ACHA to own? The fact that the video company that is not the ACHA is having horrible video issues? I would hate to be around you at Thanksgiving if the turkey mom is supposed to cook actually was a chicken and the company wrapped up the wrong protein. Make mom own that mistake!

The problem is the ACHA brokered this company to do the web streams. This company is not very good at all, problems everyday with something. You would think the ACHA should of looked into this more thoroughly and choose a more reputable web host to broadcast the National Tournament.

Look at their website and see that they are a company does broadcast sporting events already. Your post is more logical and not really calling someone out and is honestly a mature and valid response. I agree with your points though and am guessing maybe it’s because they were willing to broadcast them at no charge to the viewer? I know they did use Fast Hockey and there was a charge at some point. Maybe not many people paid and it wasn’t getting the product out to as many fans as they would like? Who knows. I do know that I would have happily paid to watch games this year. Especially days one and three of pool play since they tend to mean the most and are the most exciting. Now, if the ACHA goes with this same company next year then it is 100% on the ACHA if the results are anywhere close to this year.

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