Quinnipiac/ Rowan

Since we know Farmingdale and Fairfield will be the two auto bids. Everyone else playing for three and four. I don’t know if Quinnipiac will be eligible this year. Does anyone know? After Rowan gets blown out tonight, they never beat good teams just weak teams I think Quinnipiac, Cal, Southern Conn State and dark horse George Mason will battle for the two remaining spots. I know it’s a little early but I am getting my predictions out there for a response

I would not be so sure about those Auto Bids , I agree with QU , Southern, and Cal making some noise. With this being the first year of the Computer rankings in D3 anything can happen. Depending on QU’s schedule this season, they could make a strong fight at that spot.

What about Ramapo? Looks like they really upped their schedule this year.

Ramapo has no shot. They lost to Fordham and just beat Delaware in overtime. Their schedule stinks they only added two games against Quinnipiac. The rest of their schedule is garbage. The play no other top teams

Why would Ramapo not schedule with Cal, Farmingdale, Fairfield, or Southern?

“blown out”… Wasn’t the score 5-3?? And whoever entered the scoresheet didn’t put in shots on goal. Don’t exaggerate on here. There’s no more ranking committee, it’s all computer, and the computer doesn’t read blogs.

Ramapo was invited to numerous away games and they declined. They were also invited to the UPJ showcase where they would have played Cal, UPJ, RMU and declined that.

Blowout was a prediction I made before the game and it looks like I was almost correct. Looking at the score sheet it was 4-0 twelve minutes into game when Rowan switched goalies, which the scorekeeper didn’t even get that correct let alone put up shots as you said. Does shots on goal factor into computer rankings? If so they need to address this. Props to Rowan for not giving up and making a game of it. Saturday at Rowan is the rematch. Guess we will know more than.

Shots on goal is not a factor for computer rankings but teams need to take the extra 45 seconds and get it right. It could also be an issue where the scoresheet didn’t have the sog tallied.
It’s early October, lots of chaos always happens. So far, I pick Farmingdale to be #1 followed by (no particular order) Fairfield, SCSU, Quinn, Cal, Rowan, Behrend, UPJ, Fredonia, George Mason. I don’t know anything about the new teams from the East that dropped down so maybe there’s a few teams there too.

DVCHC has the stats up correctly for the Rowan game. FYI shots on goal 40-39 Rowan. Goalie change at 13 minute mark of first period Rowan down 4-0. Valiant comeback fell just short it looks like. ACHA needs to update these sheets if it affects the computer rankings at all.

Does anyone have a list of teams that dropped down to D3? On that same note, does anyone have a list of D2 and D1 teams that moved up or dropped down?