Regional Scores D3

If anyone has any Regional scores, please post them, thanks!

Cal 7

PSU Behrend 3

Rowan 6
Fredonia 1

Fairfield 6
George Mason 1

All scores are being updated here as they go final:

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Georgia 11, Mississippi 2
Kennesaw 2, Central Florida 1

Told you Rowan will not beat southern… Just keep running that 1-2-2 all game long

Led the whole game till last two minutes. You acted like they would blow the doors off of Rowan. You predicted the favorite, the higher ranked team to win. Wow you really went out on a limb there didn’t you. Last minute victory has you puffing your chest

Rowan’s 4 lines couldn’t hold a 2-1 lead against Southerns 2 lines.

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Bad hockey luck what can I tell you. Rowan held a 2-1 lead for almost the whole second half of game. Tying goal changes direction after hitting off of defensemans shin guard going from high glove side to high blocker side and winning goal takes weird carom high off of side of the goalies helmet and into top corner. It’s unfortunate. Not excuses. Just fell a couple of minutes short. Everybody had Rowan getting blown out. Leave the kids be, they are very upset. Fell a few minutes short of Ohio.

If their third and fourth line is going against their top two lines, the advantage would go to the team playing their top lines. Don’t give me tired either. These are kids not 35 year old men. I will take my chances playing my top two lines matched against third and fourth liners any day.

Honestly watching the game online southern should have never been down, the first goal for Rowan was dumb luck and the 2nd goal I would say was a good goal but how does Rowan expect to win by flipping the puck out of the zone … southern did not take a lot of shots but when they did they quickly found out how weak Rowan’s goalie was well number 4 on southern found out how weak Rowan’s goalie was.

I didn’t act like anything, I said Southern will win the game and they did. Don’t give me some sob story about how they were winning all game, did they win the game?

Great job by Rowan all year and yes it’s a crappy feeling losing at regionals 1 period away from Ohio.

Great job by all the regions this year, many upsets, Good luck to all teams headed to Ohio.

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Hockey King, are you serious?.the announcers constantly talked about the many outstanding saves by the Rowan goalie. SCSU had over 40 shots many quality shots holding the SCSU TEAM TO 1 goal in 56 minutes wouldn’t be considered weak goaltending. You sir are a moron. As stated above look how the last two goals went In. All three goals are by their best player. SCSU averages over six goals a game. Rowan lost the game by not capatilizing on four straight power plays which would of gave them breathing room. Rewatch the live feed again. SCSU should of been up by three or so goals if not for the goaltending. Considering SCSU has only lost one game in like two months and that being to FARMINGDALE IN Farmingdale I think Rowan played well. We all know Rowan is offensively challenged and it winded up costing them in the end.

Let the team forcheck instesd of sitting back and more chances will come.

They forechecked for most of the game played a 2 1 2 until about ten minutes left in the game then went to a 1 2 2 which ended up not working

and just an FYI, the second goal for southern was a SNIPE.

Our defenseman even said it hit him. The announcers did not see the redirection that’s why they said it was a high blocker side snipe. A parent standing right behind our goalie even said it changed directions. Our announcers are volunteer students who do the best they can.

Im not one to call people out but I believe this hawk eyed defenseman is just a little salty about having to cancel the trip to Ohio. Ya know. Considering that shot was a SNIPE.

The right team won in the end. I’ll be honest. Rowan had them in the first but after that SCSU dominated their way to Victory. Rowan played well but got complacent after the first period. Perhaps the players should have kept their heads?

Rowan sat on a two goal lead, and started to hold their sticks a little too tight. SCSU is and was the better team. Think maybe some of the Rowan guys got a little too excited after the first? Rowan got a lucky 1st goal deflecting off of multiple things and somehow finding the back of the net. That being said after dominating 2/3s of the game SCSU deservingly got a lucky deflection back to even things out and won the game as they should have. SCSU again beats Rowan. It’s a 60 minute game not a 20 or a 56 minute game better luck next year.

I watched the game on the RTN live feed and thought it was a very even game. The difference in the game was that Rowan went 1/5 or 1/6 on the PP. Goal #2 by SCSU was indeed a snipe! Good for SCSU for hanging in and taking care of business. Profs let one slip away. I hope they are back next year.