Rowan games, brawls, cops

Both games Rowan played this weekend Friday at Delaware and Saturday against Farmingdale involved fights and cops being called to the arena. Tonight against Farmingdale even involved parents and at least ten officers responded.What the hell is going on here? Parents have to remain in the stands and let the coaches and referees handle the situation. Your son is an adult now you can’t run down to the ice to protect little junior

Farmingdale 8
Rowan 3 Still waiting for a win against a good team for Rowan. Positives are they beat all teams below them.

Rowan 5
Delaware 1 wheels coming off for Delaware

Stockton 4
Ramapo 3 OT
Like I said worried about the defense and goaltending for Ramapo and I had Stockton in the ten to twelve ranking

Ramapo 5
Delaware 3

George Mason 3
Penn St. Altoona 2 Wow PSU 0 wins this year except for a forfeit win. Mason just not deep enough not as strong as last years team

1 Farmingdale
2 Fairfield
3 Ramapo
4 George Mason

Farmingdale and Fairfield starting to separate from the pack. Ramapo cooling off some now

South Jersey Hospitality… From Mites through College… Same Story!

Word on the street Rowan had another brawl this past weekend with Southern. Rowan player was even attempting to fight a ref… What going on down there in South Jersey?