Score update for Atlantic

Bryn Athyn 13 Alvernia 1 Final
Browne got the start, still not playing three of their big play guys, Napierkowski, Buick and Jennings, don’t know what’s that about? Injuries?

Academic eligibility?

I don’t think any grades came out yet, doubt that’s it, them three are too good to be not playing

Saw their coach at a rink and he said “team policy volation”. I am not a fan of BA at all and I remember playing them 6 years ago and beating them. But I will say they have come very far and I commend their coach he seems like he runs a tight ship. I guess this is me wish my school treated hockey like they do at the little school.

Oh well

AD, that would explain it.

I believe they have trimesters ? maybe they failed spring semester and will be back soon

Gray, you are correct, they do have trimesters. AD, you are also right, I spoke to my insider at BA and it was a team policy violation for two games. All three will be back this weekend to play 3 scheduled games; Rider, Fairfield and Temple

Curious to when their first trimester ends

The fall trimester ends on November 11

Wonder if they will get NCAA transfers now for the second half. Interesting times at the little school.

No shot anybody transfers for NCAA in the second half. All you club guys have to remember the “Clock” rules. Once you start college, the clock starts. NCAA guys will not start their clock mid year for the ACHA. There may be a few carry over guys who finish off their careers as members of the BA NCAA squad, but the pure NCAA roster will be entirely different.

Fries, how many bodies you think BA gets for next season in NCAA. I think a big recruiting piece for them has been the “were going NCAA soon,” so come to our school. I can see more than a few players being on that initial 1st year NCAA roster.

Baa I think it will be a brand new team. I have heard they will keep the club team and pretty much have the same club minus the coach. If that is the case it would be a nice job to land and to walk into a their team.

Baa what do you think the first ranking will look like? Still a couple weeks out but what do you see?

First year is going to be tough, very tough! Not to many international, USPHL Jr. Premier/Elite or EHL players know of BA as an NCAA team, so I think they will have a tough time landing the lower tier of USPHL Premier players, but should be able to get Elite and EHL players. Burke and Kennedy know a million people all throughout the US and Canada and should have a decent roster next year. Once players learn of their presidential academic grants or what ever is available there, and they build a feeder relationship they’ll be OK. I’d say they’ll have about 20 new faces and 5 returning players. And don’t forget, they could find an entire roster come May and June by cleaning out some EHL Teams, once you can say NCAA, the game changes… The USPHL gets all the fuss, the EHL has some good teams and players, they just don’t get the press.