Scores update Atlantic

I saw the start of the little school Loyola game. The little school is extremely fast and can control the puck. Little school 8 Loyola 2 noticed that the little wchool did not play 3 of their top players either.

I was surprised that they played Syre in goal tonight, and did sit some of their big play guys from last year, like Buick and Napierkowski.

Yawn. They played the little sisters of the poor. Nothing has changed, they’ve always been fast and able to control the play. Let’s wait to hang the banner after they play Farmingdale.

No one is preparing banners to be lifted. All it is are observations from a game we watched. Easy Baaa

I wish more teams posted scores. At this point of the season everyone is trying to figure out whose doing well and the scores and matchups of the weekend. Going off the ACHA site is a joke bc half the teams don’t update and some have not even registered players.

Maybe we can get some more people to post scores and post upcoming games.

Pretty much have to scour twitter feeds for scores. Pointstreak is essentially worthless.

Scouring through twitter is not fun but, I do see UPJ lost 10-1 to SCSU and 9-3 to Fairfield. Not a great way to start the season.