SECHC And SCHC Announce Move to CHF

(NASHVILLE, TN – August 23, 2020) – Commissioner Justin B. Bradford of the South Eastern Collegiate Hockey Conference (SECHC) and Commissioner Mike Canacari of the Southern Collegiate Hockey Conference (SCHC) have jointly announced the move of governing bodies for both conferences to the Collegiate Hockey Federation (CHF).

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  1. Going to be hard to move from ACHA to CHF when there is no 20-21 season.
  2. So ACHA is d1 and d2 club hockey and CHF is d3?

Coach…Don’t be so negative I think everyone… CHF or acha expects some sort of season this year. It won’t be normal nor guaranteed but we all are looking to play come January 2021. ACHA has always been D1 oriented, you know the 80-20 principle. 80% of the teams pay so 20% can flourish. That’s the way acha has steered the narrative and its finances for some time and a factor in why the CHF exists today. The CHF is happy to have anyone D1-D2-D3-Womens. The only thing preventing any interested D1/Women’s teams from moving right now is competitive geographics. We know who’s reached out so far and who is interested. Initially we started out with a Mens D2/D3 mix and that was just expanded by the commitment from the Southern Region. I’m certain as time goes on the CHF mix will add more teams at any level and welcome them with open arms. Stay tuned!

I think the bigger question is who is the next domino to fall?

If they could grab, CHE and random independents in Florida left, they would seriously have a east coast powerhouse.

They won’t be able to get NECHA with nationals being in Boston.

So who exactly is left for the CHE/MET/NECHA?


.There are lots of wheels in motion. The southern announcement along with ACC D3 joining up yesterday has opened club hockey eyes nationwide. We’ve talked to a large list of D2/D3 programs from all four corners of the country. So far we’ve rendered the acha voices silent, I don’t expect that to last for long.
The leagues nyboss mentioned are all interesting cases. These changes have isolated them a bit. Who can they play at D3 with reasonable travel considerations. All Atlantic Region for sure, but Pittsburgh to New York is around 5 hours…New York to Boston area is 3:30…Boston area to Pittsburgh is roughly 8 hours…how do you play a regional schedule with that kind of travel?? acha is gonna realign D3 I suppose, what choice do they have.? We’ll see maybe there are more announcements coming, either way we’re proud to have the SECHC…the SCHC and the ACC D3 as part of our family.

Funny thing is USAHockey lost out on their insurance money because they forced the CHF to join AAU.

I think the CHF should focus on the east coast first. Remember WWII, Germany would have won had they not attacked Russia in the winter months, the troops were too spread thin at that point. Focus on CHE, remaining independents. Basically owning the east coast for non d1acha. Workout the kinks before adding additional time zones. Add JUCO championship, ECC, Maine, Suffolk, and others can play for it

Let the Michigan schools win their D3 title and make all the decisions as they did before. How long till Adrian closes??? Asking for a friend

Here who is left

Bates College
California University of PA
Central Maine Community College
Cleveland State University
Coast Guard Academy
Colby-Sawyer College
College of Wooster
Columbia University
Dartmouth College
Eastern Kentucky University
Florida Inst. of Technology
Florida Southern
George Mason University
Harvard University
Indiana University of Penn
Kent State University
Massachusetts Institute of Tech
Merchant Marine Academy
Pennsylvania State - Altoona
Pitt-Johnstown University
Robert Morris University-Penn
Rowan University
Sacred Heart University
Saint Joseph College of Maine
Saint Thomas Aquinas College
Saint Vincent College
Springfield College
Stevens Institute of Technology
Suffolk County Community College
SUNY - Maritime College
Thomas College
University of Connecticut
University of New England
University of New Haven
Wentworth Institute of Tech.
Western Connecticut State
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Yale University

Cali…Thanks for the insight. You make some good points When we set out a year ago we planned a more measured growth. WE also did however have different day one expectations.So a year in the books,things are on a great path. There are other conferences in discussion, most at their request… Growth is always positive because it reaffirms we’re making the right decisions for our programs and others are taking note and want to take part too. We’re in this for the teams and players , so turning away from interested parties is difficult. LOts of unknowns as we move forward, so we’ll see what happens. Regardless, the addition of established conferences like the SECHC,SCHS,ACC D3 is a big plus for our organization. We are very excited to have them as proud members of the CHF.

Not sure who these three will play if the rest of their schools left for aau. But what school does D3 vp coach???

We’re hopeful as conferences come on board the Indy’s near them will be drawn too. Steve Hyjek the D3 VP is the head Coach of George Mason. D3 is likely an afterthought there as Mason will be going D1 ACHA after this season. Terrific guy and program , I hope the acha treats then right.