Smooth Transition

Wow, the level of activity in M1 conversation has picked up right where it left off over at h101!


Hey keep it down! Joking aside, I’m glad for hockey season to be back! Can’t wait to see how Minot State does this year with the fairly tough schedule they have.

Hey Fish - how about sharing your rankings Google doc for M1 once that comes together. I liked following it last year and seeing how rankings shifted based on algorithm used. Glad to see you made the jump to the new board.

I’m interested to see how the University of Utah competes with their schedule. Looks like a mix of DI and DII schools. Playing 10 games against teams in the final DI rankings Iowa State x 2, Minot State x 2, Buffalo, Syracuse, Arizona x 2, Iowa State x 2.

Then 4 games against ASU, I’m just assuming those are all against their DI team, I could be wrong & 4 against Jamestown.

Rest of the schedule is DII schools & local(Weber State, Utah State, BYU). Looks like they are trying to pick up 1 more game while in Buffalo, NY, it’s listed as a TBD.

Season starts this Friday vs a local TII Jr.'s team.

Anyone know anything about Jamestown, looks like it will be their first time on the road(Sept. 30-October 1)?

Just looked, Utah only plays ASU’s DI team twice(in Tempe). The home games are vs ASU’s DII team.

This is their first year in d1. Don’t think they had a team before in any other division but I could be mistaken

They have had a DII team for years. This is their 1st year transitioning to D1.

I guess Minot never played them so I didn’t realize they had a team

They beat Colorado State in their last year of D2, and beat Missouri State at nationals in their last year in D2. From what I remember they went down to Tuscon and competed with them as well.

they’ve come a long way from loosing by 20 to Utah State.

In all honesty though, I feel like it could be 2 or 3 years before they start making a name for themselves.

I’d have to agree, Utah will be competitive in most of their games, but they should be somewhere around .500 for the season. Maybe an outside shot at a bottom seed at Nationals.

Of the new teams at D1, I’m really curious to see how Jamestown will do. Looking at their roster they’ve got a lot of talent, plus a natural rivalry with Minot.

Looked at the Jamestown roster, appears that trip to Jamestown should be a tough start then. Looks like a roster loaded with kids from Canada and Minnesota who’ve been playing jrs the past few years.

Did anyone see the blow out the Buffs laid on Missouri state? Is there that much of a gap between #9 and like #22? I believe they play CSU tonight if Missouri

It’s September, calm down ASWB

Don’t tell me what to do

How did Fobair play for Weber tonight, ATWB? Love that kid!

Utah wins 4-1 vs Outliers(local Jrs team). Down 1-0 with about 4:00 to go, score 4 with no EN goals, think goalie went tilt. Utah had a decent shot margin, throughout game. Rolled everyone, BIG BENCH.

I went to the Utah game, I know that USU won 7-5 though.

I went on the outliers website, and it says they’re tier 2 Junior A, but in the wshl. I thought NAHL was the only tier 2 league in the nation

So glad to see everyone has learned how to create new topics here!

With this traffic, seems reasonable right now?

Wish I knew you were up there ATWB, I was there as well, would have said hello.

Utah loses to Jamestown 4-1.