Southeast Regionals: Whats the predictions out there?

So it’s been quiet. What predictions do people have?

The SE is somewhat boring, which is why its probably been so quiet. Liberty and Cincinnati are probably headed to nationals with FGCU and PSU. Rider and/or Miami could give those teams a run for their money but I think Liberty/Cincinnati are too deep. As for the other teams, Delaware vs. Miami is the only good game. TCNJ and UVA are headed out the door tonight, and Rowan/OSU will be gone by mid-day tomorrow. NC State is also destined for their first and only loss of the season tomorrow.

Rowan asst coach has an issue.
Damn shame because John (head coach) has come a long way.

Lolllllll. Doubt us all you want fellas. There’s a new sheriff in the Southeast, folks. #WPN

I’ll admit NC State impressed, but its hard to get a read on them with that schedule. Literally their only tough regular season game was against Delaware and they needed OT to finish that. At regionals they barely escaped a very good Rider team. I didn’t actually get a chance to watch that game but I gotta wonder how legit that tripping call was with two minutes left in a tied game. There was also a distinct moment in the third period of the Liberty game where NC State looked done. They were up 1-0 and had a goal disallowed. Liberty seized the momentum and tied it seconds later and an NC State player (possibly the captain?) responded by taking a 2 and 10. If Liberty could have capitalized on that power play the score probably would have been flipped. Very impressive job by the Wolfpack to right the ship and close out the game.

I wish them the best of luck at nationals but they need to get the penalty situation sorted out real quick or its going to be a short trip to Frisco.

I saw the NCS/Rider game and I think your putting to much on the refs keeping the game close for Rider.They called 2 , in my opinion, weak penalties against rider in the last 2 minutes in a tie regional game . The whistles should have been in their pockets at that point. One was a perfectly legal hit, even the liberty play announcers saw it that way. It was just a hard hit and some refs feel the need to call them; i,m not sure why. Of course NCS scores on the PP with less than a minute in the game. The same thing happened with Rowan causing the coach to throw the pucks. They called 2 weak penalties with a few minutes left in the game thereby affecting that outcome also.