Southeast Thoughts

As the season gets started, what’re we thinking about the Southeast region. Liberty and FGCU at the top as usual… Why is Army in the Southeast? Anyway, they beat UD and GW. Defending MACH champs University of Delaware starting off the season 2 and 2 with losses to Willy P and Army (8-6). Seems like UD has a lot of younger guys though. Thoughts?

Army is in the Southeast because they play in the MACH North with Penn State, Rowan, Rider and Wagner
Miami and Liberty will also most likely be in the top 5. Penn State has a tougher schedule this year since they are playing in the Liberty and Miami Showcase. Louisville is 6-0 but hasn’t really played any one yet. It is to early for me to say anything about the other teams since only a few teams have played so far

Anyone have any info on how they are doing rankings this year? I believe Jay Peacock said D2 is moving to a weekly system using The rankings link on the ACHA website no longer exists.

After looking over some of the Southeast rosters, Liberty has to be the favorite.

They bring back Freymond and Docksteader and add 4 D1 players from the 2015-2016 team.

Interesting Liberty is still using D1 players after a new rule was put it place over the summer that doesnt allow it. Same ol ACHA

And the new ranking system will be similar to myhockeyrankings, but not actually that site

I believe the new rule against ACHA D1 players is only applicable to 5th year drop downs. I don’t see any 5th year, former-D1players like that on Liberty’s roster.

Players who previously played ACHA D1 (or higher) can still play ACHA D2 (or D3) but lose one year of overall eligibility (4 years instead of the usual 5 years).

Looks like were gonna have a decent weekend. Delaware is taking on two tough teams in Maryland and Kenne State. UMBC taking a roadie and playing Ohio twice and Louisville once to wrap up the weekend. Virginia Tech is traveling up to PA and playing two CSCHC teams in West Chester and Millersville. Army battles Wagner in a MACH matchup and Toledo and Dayton battle it out in Ohio. Seems like some teams still aren’t playing yet but seems like its a good weekend for the region. Any thoughts? Glad southeast hockey is back

Both played 4 years of D1, both played against Virginia Tech

Twisted, you are correct then. That’s exactly what the new rule is supposed to prevent.

(I looked on pointstreak for their stats and only saw the last 3 years, which is why I assumed they were okay. I guess poinstreak doesn’t go back beyond that. Hence the mistake. My bad.)

The MACH was tough enough and if FGCU is in, my condolences to the other bubble teams.
UD is struggling - senior losses set them back a bit especially on D. Heard MD is really improved this year.

MD got one player in Arden, who is probably the best player on the roster. Delaware is a young team, especially on D and their goaltending is suspect at best.

Also are you implying FGCU to the MACH? seems like a stretch.

For Delaware, obviously if the D is struggling, the goaltending will be struggling.

Delaware’s goalie had an .847 over the last 2 years with the good defense, so if you want to blame the .008 drop on the new guys, be my guest. You call it struggling, we call it an expected result.