Stockton leaving CHF

Stockton is leaving CHF and joining ACHA. Jay Turcotte, what is really good? :crazy_face:

Chizzy…once again you are trolling half the story…Stockton joined the CsCHC to reduce their travel and save costs. They weren’t feeling the benefit of traveling to Long Island and Connecticut to get games vs high value rankable opponents, so they joined a league with more members within a 90 minute travel window. ACHA demanded (to avoid " left the ACHA " probation) they not play a mixed ACHA/CHF schedule as they have in the past. THe CHF is rocking as usual. If we started the 2020-2021 season today we’d be 115 teams strong. I’ll trade my beloved Ospreys for 30 new CHF proigrams…thats really good!

Chiz, why do you care? I can’t imagine you’re not being paid By ACHA

Do you really want the CHF to fail?
If yes, why?

I’ve actually been furloughed by the ACHA but great job CaliHockey, you’re onto something.

Cali…Ol’Chizzy is just a hater full of ACHAness. He doesn’t want change or any of the ACHA biggies to have to give up any of their “power”. He’s not happy when I point that the CHF program is more player /team focused and that the ACHA has strayed from their former great path.

Why do you care?
Do you really want the CHF to fail?
If yes, why?

You won’t answer the question so

I’ll tell you this, USAHockey will be hurting if this cancels hockey. I know a lot of Olympic governing bodies are laying off staff.

How do we know Stockton is leaving the CHF? Are they just leaving the DVCHC to join the CSCHC, and then the entire CSCHC is going to the CHF?

Do you not have social media? Do you live under a rock?

No but you must be excellent at dodgeball for dodging my questions

I don’t need to answer your question, the CHF tried to play their National Tournament through a Pandemic. Enough said.

Again, why do you care?

I actually don’t care. I just think it’s fun to poke the bear. Stockton is actually a big loss for the CHF

Fair enough.

Unfortunately, we might not see any hockey until 2021

Cali…Stockton wanted to stay within a much tighter travel window for their road games. PLaying in the DVCHC would mean going to Long Island , Connecticut and Pittsburgh to play the “meaningful” ranking opponents. That was more than they wanted. They chose a regional less ranking focused D2 league.
They’ll get their 20 league games and Scranton/Millersville will be their farthest trip. The ACHA stipulated their leaving the CHF and “DO NOT PLAY” any CHF teams to avoid probation. The mena Ol’ CHF us working on some of those CSCHC teams as we speak.

Chizzy…I’ll be your hucklebeary"…Stockton is a solid program, but not sure how its a “big” loss. They certainly would have qualified for the Atlantic Regional , but based on the scores their likely would have faired as Rowan and Cal did. When we balance the loss of a good team vs the addition of 25 new teams( thats the recent #) we’re still going strong …and you’re still my daisy!

Are the new teams equal or better than what is currently in place? If not, it doesn’t mean a damn thing Turkey

Chizzy…some better , some worse…some new to the game…some leaving the evil empire behind…The CHF is rock solid competition wise. I hope you’re not running down teams of varying skill levels , because that ACHA/D1 arrogance is what got us where we are today…know what I’m saying… isn’t that the old ACHA mindset…“lesser teams have less value and are only good for their fee’s”…paraphasing a little …but you get my gist. In the CHF everyone is equal, everyone has value, and everyone is a partner.
Its Turcotte…not Turkey.

So the ACCHL is going to the CHF?

Coach,…We’ve talked to a number of conferences and individual teams…ACCHL among them…we’ll see how those discussions play out. We’re hopeful everyone we talk to will see the benefit of coming to the CHF.


You need to reach out to the usphl/ncdc about creating competition. Usphl/ncdc are already moving to run youth hockey to junior hockey. Most own rinks in the NE:

“USA Hockey is already irrelevant. Does not matter who else joins (our league). Our group will run entire nation’s amateur hockey within three years. But before that the target will be youth and all pay-to-play junior. The money is flowing, USAH is already irreverent, they will soon not have enough money for those shrimp cocktails at the Hilton. Once we have all the nation’s youth money, the NAHL (North American Hockey League) will be easy pickings. The USHL (United States Hockey League) will be a longer play because of of the national team tie in.“