The Empire Classic

Using the rankings from this morning, and bouncing them off the schedule I found on the ACHA website here are the lines on the games (rounded to nearest 0.5 goal):

UPJ (-3.5) vs. Maryland
Quinnipiac (-2.0) vs. Delaware
GMU (-4.0) vs. PSU-Behrend
SCSU (-2.0) vs. Suffolk Co. CC
Fredonia (-2.0) vs. Stockton
Farmingdale (-7.5) vs. RMU
Rowan (-1.0) vs. Cal
Fairfield (-6.0) vs. Fordham

Quinnipiac (-4.5) vs. Maryland
PSU-Behrend (-0.5) vs. Suffolk Co. CC
Fredonia (-1.0) vs. Fordham
Fairfield (-2.0) vs. GMU
SCSU (-2.5) vs. Stockton
UPJ (-1.0) vs. Delaware
Farmingdale (-5.5) vs. Cal
Rowan (-3.0) vs. RMU

RMU (-1.5) vs. Maryland
GMU (-4.5) vs. Suffolk Co. CC
Quinnipiac (-1.0) vs. UPJ
SCSU (-1.5) vs. PSU-Behrend
Fairfield (-5.0) vs. Fredonia
Cal (-1.0) vs. Delaware
Fordham (-1.0) vs. Stockton
Farmingdale (-5.0) vs. Rowan

So according to this the Empire is the Favorite for every game this weekend. This weekend will be nice For everyone to get a peak at one another.

So how is this schedule drawn up? Randomly or can you request to play certain teams? SCSU and Quinnipiac seem to have a cupcake schedule. Far drive to play weak teams. Neither team plays Farmingdale Fairfield GMU CAL or Rowan. Seeing how strength of schedule factors into rankings you would want to play the better teams if possible.

Only game of interest Friday will be Cal vs. Rowan. that will be a low scoring game with two teams with limited offenses. Expect a low scoring one goal game there

Only one game Saturday of interest Fairfield vs. GMU. That should be the best game of the tournament in my opinion involving top teams. I expect Fairfield to come out on top. GMU can score, but defensively won’t be able to stop Fairfield. Fairfield has beaten and lost to Farmingdale by one goal in their two games and should handle GMU and their NCAA D1 commit who unfortunately tore his knee up and lost the scholarship. Guy has almost 40 goals already in like 12 games. Stay on him and you beat them. Would of liked Farmingdale to play GMU also since they are ranked 1 and 2.

Too many weak teams in this tournament and not enough of the good seven or eight teams playing each other.

It seems like they try to avoid conference teams playing each other, which seems to be why the four Empire teams don’t play each other. Obviously that’s unavoidable since there are 5 CHE and DVCHC teams in the tourney.

Schedule is drawn up based on conferences. At the Empire classic each team is awarded points based on winning periods, games and an extra point for winning by a certain amount of goals. Each point gets awarded to the conference rather than the team. At the end of the weekend the conference with the most points earn bragging rights.

Dreamer are you new to the Atlantic? Typically the pools are built by each conference sending its top 4 teams based on the last year’s final rankings. All the teams in pool-a should be the 1 seeds, etc. Then points are awarded for in-game things. The problem is some teams drop out, or request a move into another pool.

So your comment about not enough of the good 7 or 8 teams is outrageous. Who’s missing; who doesn’t play?

The current 1-11 are there, 13-15 are there and the 18. Fairfield is unranked, but will be the 1-3 when this whole thing is over so what exactly are you talking about? I think with a few exceptions, there are some very competitive games scheduled. I’d bet you see a few upsets this weekend.

Most teams in a conference play a 3 game set vs each other. So conferences will not play each other here. Most of the better teams play each other 2 or 3 times outside of this showcase anyway.

At the end of the day, other than Regionals, you are not getting 16 of the top 20 teams in the region in one spot at any point in time.

Unbiased and bunny thanks for the info didn’t know how the classic worked. Makes sense then why they don’t schedule teams in the same conference to play each other. Lucky fries that’s what I meant by the top seven teams not playing each other it’s not outrageous as you state. I meant I wanted to see Farmingdale play SCSU,Fairfield or GMU not watch SCSU play Suffolk CC Stockton and PSU or Quinnipiac play Delaware Maryland and UPJ