The Silent Northeast

There hasn’t been much banter lately so I thought I would throw out a couple of questions.

What team is likely to fill the SECHL vacancy created by NYU’s departure for D1?

Also, a number of teams (William Patterson, Marist, Rhode Island and Central Connecticut) have played Post (NCAA D2). Aside from the fact that Post is probably the worst D2/D3 team in the country, will those games be weighted any differently in the ranking?

I believe games involving non-ACHA teams are not counted in the rankings.

Not sure if any of the NECHA teams (Keene, Northeastern, BC, BU) want to make the move to the SECHL based on travel.

MyHockey Rankings has Post 75th of 75 in the NCAA D3 rankings. They are the worst NCAA D2/D3 team.

I’m not sure the teams’ ratings are comparable across different divisions but if Post’s 81.38 rating is comparable, they’d be the 165th out of 179 in the most recent ACHA D2 rankings and 37th of 41 in the ACHA D2 Northeast.

Sounds like Post better start recruiting…

What are the possibilities that the SECHL might look to UMASS, Sacred Heart or even Army (I’m not sure why they end up in the Southeast)? Geographically this might make more sense…though none of these programs can easily fill the void left by NYU. I’m also wondering if William Patterson will soon make a move to D1?

Is there really no one making the jump to this site?
I miss the continuous stream of northeast banter