Time for Farmingdale to move up!

There is no doubt that Farmingdale is above and beyond the best team in the Atlantic. They will continue this run and be the number one seed in the Nationals for the Atlantic. Don’t see much competition and their scores represent this. It’s time they made a move up. They have been at the top of the Atlantic for some time now for D3 and it is apparent that they have grown to a point that they need better competition to make their program more challenging. The only time they’ll will see this is at Nationals. Move to D2, D1 or even NCAA D3, it’s time. Anyone check out Bryn Athyn? They made the move to NCAA D3 and are 5-4 in their first year.

Farmingdale is nowhere near the same level that Bryn Athyn was at the past few years

“Nowhere near?” Come on. Farmingdale beat Bryn Athyn twice last year.

Seems easier said than done though. Geographically are there any quality M2 teams around the LI area, or would every single trip be northeast. Seems burdensome. Maybe if the entire Empire Conference or a few of them made the jump it could be worthwhile.

Pierre, Bryn Athyn has been traveling to play their games for the last two months, because of their outdoor home rink and the weather. They have traveled quite a few times to New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut to play their games. Farmingdale is a lot closer to these locations than Bryn Athyn, Pa. It is all a matter of commitment to the hockey program. ACHA D3 is developmental club. Farmingdale is satisfied with being a big fish in a tiny pond, rather than playing the competition that would challenge them. If they really wanted to advance their hockey program it can be done. They are good enough to compete in the upper levels. Just takes commitment, dedication to the program and support of the college. I guess this is what Farmingdale is lacking.

Just because a team is doing well doesn’t mean the school understands hockey. Ask Farmingdale what’s going on with their school and you’ll find out quickly how times have changed.

WPU and Montclair are competitive D2 programs nearby in NJ. They have to travel for games for sure, but it’s completely a doable amount.

Ok… I can’t just listen anymore…

The ACHA is an inter-collegiate “club hockey” association, not a developmental league and don’t forget that! Is their greater separation between the top and bottom in certain regions, 100%, but, until Farmingdale now, Bryn Athyn the last few years, CAL U before them, and U Albany before them put together a string of 4 or 5 National Titles in a row, your argument has no merit. Have you seen Michigan! Do you understand that Michigan plays D3 and has 5 or 6 teams as good or better than Farmingdale, Bryn Athyn, and CAL U historically! The bottom line is money. If the better teams had more money and school support they’d probably move on to bigger and better things.

So what are we talking about? The fact that teams put Farmingdale on the schedule because they are the measuring stick this year, they thought they’d do well; add a game for the strength of schedule and ultimately got beat, some worse than others, so Farmingdale should move up? The same silly argument, just a different team this year…